Bad Love

(One Direction not famous)
Phoebe Tomlinson is in love with her brothers best friend Zayn Malik
But what if trouble starts to roll into town?
Will there love last or crumble?
Will Louis approve?
Will past come to present day?


2. He's Back

Phoebe's (p.o.v.)

I was walking down the empty streets of London going to get food for me and the boys. I was about to turn into the store next to an alley but someone pulled me into the alley I was about to tell but they put there hand over me then I heard the one person I didn't want to see say " miss me Tomlinson " it was my ex boyfriend John I shook my head no he snickered I kicked him in the private part and ran I heard him scream to me " I WILL FIND YOU TOMLINSON!!!!!!".

I ran all the way home I burst threw the door and Louis said " Pho where's the food " I broke down crying the boys rushed towards me and said " Pho what happened? What's wrong? " I managed to stutter out in between sobs " h-he's b-b-back " they all looked confused I stuttered out again " j-j-John " the boys looked angry. This time I know John will get what he wants. :(

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