House of Power

Shelby thinks she's a normal girl, but then she get's called into this weird mansion! It's called the house of power and 5 girls counting herself and 5 boys counting her best friend Tyson. What will happen in this house and how will it effect their lives.


1. New school!

I stood in font of the castle like mansion's gates. How did I get a scholarship at such a huge school? Is it really just because of sports as they said? I mean..... I know I'm the star of the basketball team, track team and baseball team, but how could that get me into such an amazing school? I sighed as I pushed the gates open and made my way to the front door, my suitcase dragging behind me. When I opened the door I was amazed. There were two giant staircases like there would be in a movie! A giant open space was surprisingly empty, except for five boys and four girls in front of me. When one girl spotted me she yelped and pointed. I was suddenly surrounded by people. 
"Hey! What's your talent?" One boy asked.

"Are you the last one?" A girl asked.

"You don't look like much." A snobby looking girl said.

"Let's all back up and introduce ourselves!" A boy shouted. 

Everyone was suddenly silent and they all backed away. A boy suddenly stood next to me.

"Hey Shelby!" The boy said.

I glanced at him and finally realized who it was. "Tyson!" I exclaimed.

"I didn't know you were coming to this school." My childhood friend said.

"I didn't know you were gonna be here either! Plus, I didn't even recognize you at first! You've grown since the last time I saw you!" I said.

"Looks like you two know each other." A boy with crimson hair said.

"Yeah we are childhood friends." I tell the boy.

"Well hi, I'm Shelton. How'd you end up here?" The boy, Shelton asked.

"I got here on a sports fund, and my names Shelby." I told him.

 "Really? I got here on a baseball fund." Shelton said.

"Really!? I love baseball, it's my third best sport." I told him.

"What's your best?" He asked interested.

"It's basketball." I answered.

"That's awesome!" Shelton said beaming.

"Now if you're done flirting Shelton! I'd  like to introduce myself." A boy with black hair said.

"Whatever...." Shelton muttered and moved away.

"Hey I'm Toma. I got here for being my awesome you tube video's" He said holding out a hand.

"I'm Shelby. I got here for sports." I said shaking his hand.

"A sports girl huh. Can I have you in one of my videos?" He asked.

"Um.... I guess..." I said.

Toma grinned. "This is gonna be a great video!" He said as a man with a beard walked in.

"I'm sorry to interrupt the introductions but I am the school principal." The large man said in a large voice that made me quiver.

"The boys dorms are in the right corridor and the boys in the left. Once you take your bags to your designated rooms everyone must meet in the dining hall for dinner and more instructions." The principal announced, turning around and leaving us staring at his back.

"Oh man! I was hoping you were my room mate." Shelton said grinning.

I sighed and turned away from him, making my way to my room

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