Behind The Window

This Story is inspired by an amazing song, check out the vid


3. Good Morning.

I took out my knife and smiled at the sleeping man in front of me. I checked my knife were sharp enough at my thumb by lightly slicing, and thin, slightly bloody line, became visible.  I then looked back a my sleeping boss, and grabbed and apple from the fruit bowl. I sliced out a long thin piece and put down the rest of the apple. I turned around his chair, and slowly pressed the apple piece in his mouth. I flicked his forehead, and he jumped up in surprise, chewing down on the apple, making the half fall to the ground: "I'm back, Nero. That old geezer finally gave over the money." I said, chuckling lightly at the way he woke up. "Haha, That's great, Gavin. But please, couldn't you just hug me next time you want to wake me up?" Nero said, jokingly.

Nero is my boss' real name, but not many can call him by name. Most people call him The Lotus or just Boss. But Nero always told me to just call him by name. As I said he's like my big brother, and he's only 4 year older than me, and he started his carrier as 17 year old.

"Hug? Hell no! I'm a man!" I said sarcastic and flexed. He just frowned with a chuckle: "Man my ass! Now give me a hug." He said and stretched his arm in my direction. I rolled my eyes and hugged him tightly. When I pulled away, his hands cupped my face, like he did when I was young. "You got blood on you cheek. Did you get attacked again?" He asked worried, wiping off the blood with his thumb. "Yeah, too bad for them, I got trained by the master." I said and pulled completely away. "Well done, man." He said, giving me the bro fist. "Well, I'll be in my office if you need me." I said and left.

I didn't have to walk long since, the I were the one having the office right beside. The top offices was really great, and because of the giant window, there always were a great view over the city. I went in, sighing in exhaust and throwing the coffee in the trash can. I pulled my blazer off, threw it at the couch, loosening my tie and opened up the 2 top buttons in my shirt. I grabbed a cigarette from the pack at my desk, and lit it up. I deeply inhaled and slowly exhaled, smoke blowing from my mouth. Ahh, just what I needed after such a long day.

I just sat there smoking and watching the beautiful city. I sat in my leather chair with my legs on the desk to relax as much as possible, just enjoying to great taste of the cigarette. As the time passed by the cigarette got smaller and smaller, and I decided to just kill it.


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