Ronald Weasley: The Boy Who Lived

Question, What if Harry Potter WASN'T about Harry Potter? Ronald Weasley is 100% sure that he is a Weasley, but he's not. He was adopted by the Weasleys five years ago when his mum and dad were murdered by He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Join Ron and find out how he survives a life that feels so strange.


1. Prologue

                      "Move aside you foolish woman!" hisses the voice of Lord Voldemort. "No you'll have to get through me to hurt my little baby boy!" cried Samantha Barnes. "Fine then I guess you'll just have to die for the little boy." screeched Voldemort. "No please, don't hurt Jackson!" Samantha cried out shielding her child. Suddenly, there was a horrific scream and the cries of a one year old. "Samantha, Jackson!" John Barnes cried out. Then Voldemort ripped out his wand after replacing it just recently. "John please, save yourself." Samantha cried out. "Crucio!!" Voldemort screamed. Samantha started writhing around on the floor with moans and cries for help. "No please stop, you're hurting her!" John wailed. "Silly man, will you ever learn?" Voldemort chuckled. Then Voldemort  turned to John and said, "Goodbye John Barnes; AVADA KEDAVRA!!" And John Barnes fell to the ground, wearing a horrific look. 

"No not John!" Samantha wailed. "Now you can move and no harm will be done to you or your family or you can stay there and die. Just like your husband." Voldemort said angrily. "No, I would rather stay here because you have already harmed me and my family!" Samantha snapped back. "AVADA KEDAVRA!" Voldemort yelled out. Then Samantha Barnes... was dead. The small boy cried in his cot. "Your next you stupid little boy!" Voldemort growled. "Mama?!" Jackson said innocently. "AVADA KEDAVRA!" Voldemort screamed. 

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