Let Her Go


1. Let Her Go

Sometimes I lookes past the goods things about her,
And pick out the little things that she didn't do right,
Sometimes I just saw her as a blur,
Almost like a pet that would never bite.


Now she's gone, forever out of my life,
At a certain point I was happy,
Til' I realised I wanted her someday to be my wife.


How could I have been so cruel?
Night after night drinking til' I hurled,
Even though she was a bright jewel,
I broke down her already fragile world.


Now I come home to an empty bed,
To no-one who loves me,
I have indeed a lot of dread,
I was so blind to see.


At least I hope she's found someone, 
Someone that will treat her right,
Someone who knows she's as bright as the sun,
And will hold her close at night.

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