living a dream

Elektra was the new girl at school but on her first day bagged her self a Bf who Has a secret, but then Elektra finds out 2 somethings that will change her life...


1. Alone

I woke up with a start I abruptly sat up the blankets drifting off of me in a calm, fairy tale like way. It was only 2;00 am. I was nervously shaking, I started my new school tomorrow. I was going into year 11 (4th year). I knew no one and no one knew me. I've never been the new girl before. I had a sip of water to calm me down. It will be ok I told myself, over and over again.



The beeping of my alarm woke me up with a scare. Today Is the day I become the new girl. I wasn't hungry for any breakfast I had a sip of water then I headed off to school. I got more and more worked up, I hadn't had to do this before. nervously I entered the building. students and teachers were bustling around the school, one pupil was carrying a colourful canvas up to the art rooms, well that must of been where he was headed. I looked after him for a few seconds to long.


I reported to pupil services and began following my timetable. interval came quicker than I thought. I was getting odd look from girls as they walked by, maybe my hair was messed up? did I use to much hairspray?... I went to sit on a low wall out the back, the sun glaring down at me harshly. Well, when the UK get's a really good summer...a really bad winter is sure to follow. Just then I heard foot steps behind me. I sat up tensed and apprehensively, oh no, who was it, what were they going to say...?

"Hey." A voice said behind me.

I spun around, maybe they weren't going to start pouting hate at me after all?

"Your Elektra right?" It was the guy who had the canvas this morning.

this could get awkward

I nodded my head. "Hey...I'm the new girl, a you probably guessed haha" at this point I was nervously playing with my bracelets.

"I'm Michael, nice to meet you" I smile a he sits beside me. "So as your the new girl, that's an automatic conversation starter right?" he said cheekily laughing. His accent suited it though. I could of sworn I have seen him some where before, I just couldn't think where though.



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