Who will he chose?

Kendra and Danielle have been best friends since the were in diapers. What will happen to there friendship when the both fall for an adorable Irish blonde boy? More importantly who will get him?


2. Something Good into Something Bad

Kendra's POV

My eyes fluttered open to my Phone vibrating.

Niall:)- Hey! It's Niall from yesterday I was wondering if you and Danie wanted to come to the beach today with me and a few friends?

K xx- Yeah sure! Who are the friends?

Niall:)- Liam, Sophia, Eleanor, Louis, Perrie, Zayn, and Harry.

K xx-Ok! What time?

Niall:)-I can pick you up in an hour if u want.

K xx-Sure I'll see you in an hour!

I ended my conversation with Niall and got Danie up.

"Get up Niall invited us to go the beach in an hour come on!" I yelled at Danie.

We both got dressed in a hurry.

Kendra's outfit for the beach http://www.polyvore.com/bikini/set?id=114298882

Danie's outfit for the beach http://www.polyvore.com/beach_day_with_niall_horan/set?id=114296356

We were done in about an hour and Niall was at the door when we got down stairs. We got there and saw four boys messing around in the water, but they stopped as they saw us.

"Niall are these the girls you won't stop talking about?" A curly haired one said. Niall just blushed. I smiled at him and he smiled back.

"Kendra, Danie this is Harry, Louis, Liam, zayn, Perrie, Sophia, and Eleanor."

I got a bunch of hi's and Hey's from the guys.

"You getting in"Niall asked us we both said later and went to tan with the other girls.

I lay down and felt the spring sun burning my back. It felt good to finally get some sun. There was a light breeze and the air smelt like salt water but I didn't mind. I continued to lay there until I felt two strong arms around me. My eyes shot open and I saw that it was just Niall. He headed towards the water and went right in. He lifted me as though he was going to drop me in.

"You wouldn't!" I said to him with a smile on my face.

"Wooops!"Niall said dropping me into the water. It felt refreshing as the cold water hit my body. I came up and just laughed at Niall. Me and Niall just messed around in the water till it got dark. We got out and Liam had started a fire already. We all sat around it.

Danie's POV

I watched as Niall and Kendra messed around in the water. I felt a strange feeling wave over me. It couldn't be jealousy why was I jealous? I watched as Harry started a fire and Kendra and Niall got out of the water. I sat next to Kendra and she was next to Niall. We just sat there and talked about everything. I then heard Niall whisper something to Kendra.

"Will you go on a date with me?" Niall asked Kendra and she nodded and hugged him I felt a whole new feeling inside me. I decided to go on Facebook and as I was scrolling through my feed I came upon several pictures of Brian kissing another girl at a club.

Brian was tagged in the photo so he didn't think I would see it but guess what I saw it.

Why was he with another girl??? My heart started to beat faster and faster I could feel my heart drop. My eyes brimmed with water so I quickly wiped the tears away. I didn't want anyone to see me crying. I don't like crying around other people because it makes me feel weak. I then got up and snuck away I started to walk down to the water putting my feet in and walking along the shore. I then got cold and walked up towards the dry sand and sat down. I was feeling so empty inside. Wondering why he would this to me I thought that he loved me. I guess not.. I then started feeling tired I was holding my head in my hands with tears falling uncontrollably.

Kendra P.O.V.

I was laying down in Nialls' lap. He was running his fingers through my wavy blonde hair. It made me feel comfortable I felt really safe in his arms. I then looked over to talk to Danie but she wasn't there. I then looked around to see if she had gotten up to get another beer but she wasn't anywhere. Niall had realized that I was worried about something. He whispered in my ear "Is everything alright baby" I then looked to him and said "No, Danie is gone. Did you see her get up?" He then said "No" I got worried and asked Harry and Liam if they saw her they both said "No" So I told Louis to ask Zayn, Perrie, and El. Perrie had said she saw Danie get up and walk away she thought that she was going to answer a call from Brian. Perrie had then said "I think I see her down the beach right there" as she pointed

To a shadow sitting in the sand with their head in their hands and tears falling. I then knew who it exactly was.. It was Danie! I told Niall I was going to go talk to her and see what was wrong. Niall had asked if he would come with me but I said that I think it's better if I talk to her alone. I started walking up to her as I heard sniffles from her crying I wanted to cry with her. It's a bestfriend instinct I guess. I sat down next to her putting my hand on her back rubbing circles. Then I had cleared my throat and said "what's wrong." As she started crying even harder.

Danie's POV

I then heard someone walking towards me taking strides through the sand. I then heard the feet stop in my path. I was going to look up but I decided not to. I knew it was either Kendra, Harry or one of the other girls. I kind of wish it was Niall because he always made me happy. But knowing Kendra has him kills me inside. I looked up and said "Brian cheated on me." I saw Kendra's jaw drop as I was saying it. I couldn't help but cry even harder. I grabbed my phone that was next to me in the sand. I shook off the sand and unlocked my phone. I had then gone onto Facebook and showed her the photo of Brian kissing another girl. I heard her say under breathe say "That dick." I then looked up and she said "Danielle, I'm so sorry. I'm here for you and so is everyone else." Then I said "Thank You." We sat there for a couple of minutes just watching the waves come in. She finally cleared her throat and Said " We can go home I'll drive. Let's just tell Niall and everyone else our goodbyes." With the word "Niall" come out of her mouth broke my heart. I wanted to tell her that I liked Niall, but that would break her heart. I know I just got out of a relationship but I like Niall and I'm starting to have feelings for him. I love everything about him. The way he smiles, his laugh, his personality, that deep Irish accent, his care free way of life. Everything! I was getting jealous of Kendra and him.


We then walked over to the fire where everyone was sitting around. They were all talking about something but then stopped when Kendra and I appeared. Niall had then looked up and asked me "Love are you alright." I absolutely got butterflies whenever he called me love. I stuttered a little bit by saying "Ye-ah I g-gue-guess." Kendra had already done her rounds of hugging and so did I. I had hugged Niall the longest and I had seen her fists tightening and her give me a death glare. But I had just decided to ignore it and a couple seconds later I had pulled away. We then both said goodbye and started walking to the car.

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