That One

Meghan Luton is out of school and has made some money. She moved to the rich neighborhood. It seems the neighborhood is all guys.... She doesn't know why and hopes she meets one. She is single and wanting a boyfriend. But when she is unpacking will she open the door and faint? At her door is Louis Tomlinson!


2. Romantic Date

    I went home from last night. Louis helped me with Kendal. That kiss meant something he told me on the way back. I woke up and walked to Kendal's room. She was still sleeping. "Daddy!" She yelled. I looked at her and she was looking out the window. I saw Louis making silly faces. I smiled and walked to the door.

    "Hey!" He yelled. I blushed. "Hi." He looked at his feet. "I know it's kinda early but wanna go to the beach?" He asked. "Um what about Kendal?" I asked. "My mum is going to take care of her." I smiled. "All of that for me?" I asked. He smiled and kissed my lips gently. "Yes." I blushed and got ready. I got a bikini with whit poka-dots. Oh and the base is baby blue.

    I knocked on Louis door with a tee-shirt over my swimsuit. No shorts though. Louis was wearing red swimming trunks with a tee over it. He smiled. "What about fans?" I asked and he smiled. "Um the beach is private for us today." I blushed. Louis mum I guess came behind him and took Kendal. "You two have fun." She said and we got into the car.

    Nobody was at the beach. I've never been to a private beach! I looked over at Louis. "You have my permission." I said and he smirked. His lips slammed on mine and his hands were on my hips. I smiled and he kissed my neck. I took off my shirt and ran to the water. He soon followed. Soon it was hard to run and Louis was close behind. I tripped fell back. Louis was behind me. I bumped into him, I blushed. "Oh! Sorry Louis."

    The sun started to go down and we were walking together. His arm around me. "So does that mean your my girlfriend?" He asked. I turned and looked at him. "I don't know does it?" He smiled. "Well to me yes." He has been kissing me. I kissed his lips and he smiled. "It was my turn...." Oh shit I can't believe I just said that.

    We drove to my place. "Louis what about Kendal?" I asked and he smiled. "You can go home, or go to my house for the night with Kenny." I looked at him like he was crazy. "Your house! That's my daughter!" We drove to his house. Once we got there I saw Kendal asleep. I smiled. I went to the bathroom. I looked at my hair. It was dry. My swim wear was dry too. Guess I'm sleeping in it....

    I came out and the guys all grabbed me. The guys grabbed a leg or arm, Louis grabbed my back. "Mommy!" Kendal yelled hugging her blanket. "Daddy! Top it!" Louis smiled at her. "Don't worry Kenny." He grabbed her and put her on my stomach. "Wheeee!" She yelled. Louis grabbed Kendal and put her down. They threw me on the couch. "MOVIE NIGHT!!!!!!" They yelled.

    They put Kendal to sleep in Louis' bed. Apparently I'm sleeping there too, with Louis. They turned on The Ring. At the end of the movie I was afraid of water. Everyone said night and headed to bed. So I'm sleeping with Louis? I sat on the floor and was stressed. Louis sat beside me. "What's wrong?" He asked. "I've never slept with anyone but Kendal." I said looking at him.

     He smiled and looked at me. "Don't be afraid." Louis said. I looked at him. "I am though." He smiled. "Lay in bed babe." I laid in bed and he sat beside me. "Go to sleep." I smiled at him. "Kiss me first." I demanded. He smiled and his lips smacked on mine. I climbed on his legs. His hands went close to my butt. It didn't though.

    We got off the bed and got on the floor. The door was locked so I took off my shirt. My bra was still on and it wasn't coming off. "You have permission." I whispered. His lips went harder and harder. It felt like his heart and sould were pouring into me. At this time we were naked. I was moaning loudly but trying not to be loud. He has my permission for anything. Because I love him very deeply.

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