The Five

Elsa, Jack, Merida, Hiccup and Rapunzel are best friends. Hiccup loves Merida and Rapunzel knows it. She also knows that Jack and Elsa should be together. Will she play matchmaker? And will it work out?


1. A party in Arendalle


I am walking through this kingdom I have never been too before. I dunno how I got here but I may as well have a look around while I'm here. What is that? It's music! It's coming from the castle. It sounds like a party! I'm going to follow the music!


Oh great, a party. Why do we have tae go to every bloomin' party we get invited to? Just cause I'm a 'princess' I have tae go to all these parties and balls! Oh no, here comes a prince! And he's heading straight tae me! My dress is so bloomin' tight that even if I wanted to dance wae him I couldn't!

"Will you take this dance, your majesty?" he asked.

Oh great. I opened my mouth to say no but my mum got there before me, "Of course she would!" She pushed me towards him. No! Why mum? Why? The prince drags me on tae the dance floor.


Well. So this is a party! I laugh at my sister getting dragged away from her fiancé by the Duke of Weasleton. I am standing up on this podium thing, watching over everything. There are so many people! I can't believe we know most of these people! I even think a Viking family made it. I should probably go and socialise. I as I walk down the stairs I get grabbed into dance with my sister.u


My dad slapped me on the back as we walked into the ball.

"Well my boy! Make a good impression because this is what a royal party looks like and there are lots of lovely ladies in here for you to meet - if you don't scare them off first!" he roared and strolled off into the crowd. Oh no! Now people are staring.. I can feel my face going red. I wish Toothless were here. I think that's the Queen over there. Apparently she has snow powers. I think I'll just stand here away from the crowd.


I am so excited! This is an actual PARTY outside of Corona! I just wish Flynn (or Eugene) was here! But I can't wait to meet my cousins, Anna and Elsa! Wow! There are so many people in here! Someone grabbed my hand and pulled me into dance. I waved to my mother and father before I was pulled into a twirl! This is so much fun!

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