Taken From Home



1. Chapter 1 The Beginning

Hallie's POV

"Do you ever wonder what it would feel like to get shot?" Martina asked out of the blue, while we were walking around our neighborhood. "Actually yeah I do, I can imagine it hurting a lot and going through the pain," Victoria answers as we all nod in agreement.

I look to a drive way and see a can, but of course Martina has to pick it up. "Oh my god! Look what I found," she yells making it sound like a big deal. "What's so big about it?" Brianna asks clueless. I don't see the big deal about it either, I think. Suddenly Martina tosses it over to us, Brianna catches it in a second.

"Read the name!" Martina urges us, It read, "Mike's Harder Lemonade." "Now read the small Bold letters." 'Contains alcohol' well that's just lovely, Martina is about to open it until Coral says something. "Hey, guys you shouldn't drink that," Coral warns us all, we groan. Martina doesn't listen still so finishes opening the can up, then takes a sip. I debate on that whether if I should or shouldn't drink it," hand me it!" I say, I take a sip and surprisingly it doesn't taste like alcohol. "This is actually good!" I say surprised. I pass it around our group, everyone except Coral took a sip.

"Hey guys? You see those five men looking at us too, right?" Brianna asks. I look around and see 5 guys," Oh you mean them?" I shake my head over to their direction. "Yeah, I mean them. They look hot!" Brianna screams out, oh god don't let them hear her. I look over to them shyly and they are looking over here. "Well good job Bri! It is getting dark, I think it is time for us to go to our separate ways." Victoria says, everyone agrees, we say our goodbyes and walk to our separate homes. Before I walk I take one last glimpse at the males, and I seen the small quiff with curls peaking on the sides and those vibrant green eyes I have made contact before in my dreams staring at me.

As I walk I feel as if I am being watched as I walk, maybe I am just being paranoid. I walk up to my house to see all the lights off, I quietly thank god its about 9:00 pm so everyone should be asleep. I open the door to my house and it creeks, fudge you door! I quietly come in and close the door. I was about to tip toe up the stairs, until I herd a cough," going somewhere?" I hear my dad. I freeze in my spot,"turn around when I am talking to you Hallie Grace," he was clearly mad. I turn around to see my dad on his chair," I am sorry dad, I was stuck at Tori's (Victoria) with the girls," I say not telling the truth. "You promise me you're not lying?" I nod looking him into the eye," Okay carry on, I will let this one slide. But if this happens again you will be grounded." "Yes sir," I say and walk up to my room, I get undressed and dressed into my night clothes. I jump into bed think about those eyes, I hear my phone go off hearing I have a text. I immediately open my eyes and once I do I regret it! I seen a lean shadow across my room, I curl into a ball and shake myself to sleep.

Running down the alleyway, I hear the footsteps get closer and closer to me. I pray to God I make it out alive tonight and won't get kidnapped.or anything along that line. I take a turn to my right and surprisingly it is a dead end, no not now! "Going somewhere princess? I think not," This deep British accent said from behind, as I turn around. Suddenly I am pushed up against a brick wall I whimper quietly, and met with those familiar green eyes, I do not know why they're familiar they just are ya know? "Leave me alone!" I yell at the stranger as he starts to change; his green eyes are no longer green they are blood red, straight teeth are now fangs, I think he had tan skin but it is now pale white. "You're not going anywhere babe, now I don't squirm it would hurt more." I nod shaking for dear life, he sinks down to my neck and nibbles on it for a minute or to while I am doing nothing to stop him. Goodbye my dear friends, goodbye my family, goodbye everyone and everything a tear escapes my eye. He bites threw my skin while I scream.

"Beep, beep, beep," I sit directly up and take a deep breath. It was only a dream Hallie just a dream. I get up and go shower, after showering I go to my closet. "Hmm, what should I wear today??" I ask my Mr. Unicorn walking into my closet, Mr. Unicorn is my 6 month old cat that is a girl I don't know why I named her a Mr. I finally pick an outfit, I go downstairs to see no one here mm early workday maybe. I grab a apple and also grab my bag sitting in front of the door, I hear a horn honk it must be the girls. Yup, I was right they are here all of them in Martina's car," you coming or not?" Tori yells from the passenger side. "Just give me a second!" I throw my bag on and run to the passenger side back back seat and sit with Brianna. "Come here often?" She asks in a seducing tone, "maybe.." I laugh. "Of to school we go!" Martina yells.

Getting out of the car, I look around and see those five boys from yesterday staring at us. "Hey girls?" I ask while they are all fixing everything, their hair, and everything else. "Yes?" They all ask together, "those boys are new here and they 're looking at us," I say. "They're so hot," Tori says and we all nod," lets just get to class before we get in trouble."

Sitting with Martina in Mathematics class dancing around and singing in our seats to different songs, is awesome I have to say. "I came in like a wrecking ball!!" We sing at the top of our lungs not paying attention to anything or anyone. Our teacher Mrs. Rochelle pulls our headphones out,"Ms. Hayes, Ms. Carter." "What?! The song was just getting good!" Martina says/yells. "You guys are too loud and we have two new students in this class," she points to the two of five boys from the parking lot. "Introduce yourselves please," Mrs Rochelle says. to the blonde. "Well erm; I'm Niall Horan,I am from Ireland, I play my guitar. That's about it," he finishes. I look over to see Martina staring at him like hes a piece of turkey bacon. "And you?" she refers to the curly hair boy. "My names Harry Styles and that's all you need to know," his voice sounds familiar, very familiar. "Very nice, now go sit down at table 4," that's our table! We usually have it by ourselves, no fair! They nod and come over here like they already knew. I see every girl looking at them like their Starbucks coffee, I get kinda jealous but who wouldn't those guys are sexy.

"Hey guys!" I say sitting down at the lunch table as they say their hellos. "I have a question for you all," I state, "go on child!" Coral says smiling towards me. "You guys still have those nightmares? Like what we talked about the other day?" I ask.


And that is the end of Chapter one! Heart, Comment, Follow? Thanks loves<3

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