This is a story about love, jealousy, and boys...


2. Should it be us?

It is friday. My mom and dad is at a weekend trip to London, at some friends house. I'm home alone, but Niall will come soon. I could hear footsteps at the front door. "Hi honey! Were are you!?" He screams with his sweet irish accent. "I'm here...." I says with a quiet voice.  I could hear that he ran upstairs to me. Crashing into the door, comes Niall. Taking his shirt off. "We're going to be dirty tonight babe." He said with a deep voice. I smiled to him. Inside myself I had the feeling of something that I really wants to talk with him about. But I don't wanna spoil this for him. "Should I be good to you? Or bad to you today?" he said with a dirty look. "Nia....". "Shhhhh...." He hushes at me. He grabbed me, takes of my clothes. And bang. We're having sex. "OMG Niall you're so good! I love you!" I said. "Not now babe. Let us make this perfect!..." He hushes at me. 


Finally he finished his work. "I need to talk with you about something." I says, looks innocent at him. He shallows slowly. "What's wrong...?" stutters he. "It's Harry." I said quiet. "No, babe. Not now? Seriously? I can't take that boy..." He says despairing. "Give me a chance now!" I says with a angry voice. He sighs. "Harry is my best friend. And you hate him. I got a problem with that. I know he's a bit special, but just try to give him a chance. We had known each other since we were 2 years old..." I try to explain to him. "Yea...I know. But sometimes you just need to move on. Get over Harry! Seriously. He is to weird..!" He says with a smile. "Don't talk like that about Harry, Niall! You know I love him! But if you can't accept his personality we can't be together. I love Harry. You need to grow up Niall!" I say. "What? Need to grow up? I one of us should grow up it should be you! You and Harry had known each other since you were babies. Move on!" He says with a angry voice. "You don't understand anything! Harry is my friend! If you want me you need to accept Harry too!" I say with a raise voice. "I CAN'T ACCEPT HARRY!!!" He shout. "OKAY! Fine with me! Go home now! We can't be together!" I says! "Okay! That's fine with me!!! You don't understand ANYTHING about life!" he screams at me. He got tears in his eyes. He takes his clothes on. Ran out of my room. Snivels. Ran down the stairs. Snivels. Ran out of the door. Bangs the door, and snivels again. I looked out of my window. He ride his bike. His blonde hair rushes to every side. His ocean blue eyes looks now like a sea of tears. Did he hates me? In my heart of hearts I know that he loves me...But should it be us? 




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