Picture This

She was the new girl. She came in, trying to actually fit in. She faced moving around a lot, because her fathers' profession. But, what happens, when she goes to a new school, finding herself in between love and war?
Her name was Abigail. She was a highschool student. Someone who was very outgoing, and couldn't stay indoors. She loved to take photos, or draw when she was inside. It took her mind off things. But, she had to face a lot of tragic experiences through all that moving, can she deal with more?


1. I'm used to it."

Chapter One

I'm used to it.

Chapter One

"I'm used to it"


"Abby!" Rick, my older brother hollered from his room.

"What?!" I yelled, as I pulled out a dress, that would reach my knees. I floded it once again, and placed it near some other clothing, such as my pants, leggings, skirts, blouses', and other types.

"Have you seen my charger for my iPhone?!" He hollered, as I could hear his voice come actually a bit closer to my door. I heard the door knob turn slowly, and open. I looked up form my position, and tilted my head slightly.

"No, why? Can't  find it" I whispered, as I searched through my hand bag. "No, suggested that it ended up in your bag.." He whispered, watching me. I shrugged, as I pulled out mine. "Here. I'll go buy you one later on." I mumbled. 

Rick's eyes widened, as he pushed my hand away. "No, no. You need it. I don't have anyone to text, since they all probably hate me for..leaving." He paused for a moment. "If I can't find it, I'll buy myself a new one." He whispered, as he walked out.

Rick and I hardly fought - but when we did, it was about very stupid stuff. I don't know, I've heard almost everyone with siblings fought, but I always wonder why we both don't. 

I slowly got up, and walked out of my room. The light was on, and you could hear my mum downstairs, putting away all the kitchen supplies. 

I slowly guided myself down the steps carefully. I approached the kitchen, to soon see my mum, putting away dishes. "Hey mum," I mumbled as I walked towards her, starting to help. 

"Hey sweetie, done packing?"

I looked towards my mum, as I pushed the cups inside the cupboards. "No, wanted a break. Too mcuh stuff." I let out a soft laugh, as my mother laughed along. "Well, how about, I do it. I got nothing to do. Except, that I have to enroll you and your brother into school..but besides that, you both can go explore." My mother suggested.

I looked at her, "You sure? Have you seen my bag?" I exclaimed, as I soon hopped on the counter sitting on it.

"Honey, it's fine. I have to do something. You can pay me back by actually doing your chores." She laughed, "You're joking, right?" I said, shaking my head.


I sighed sadly, "Fine, fine. I will, if I have enough time. I probably will." I muttered, shrugging.

"Good." My mum replied, as she walked towards me. "Now, go tell your brother to go somewhere with you," my mum demanded.

I nodded, as I headed back upstairs.

"Rick, c'mon! Mum said to go exploring!" I yelled, as I entered his room. He was laying on bed, on his iPod. 

"Huh? Oh, but I haven't finished unpacking!" Rick complained. "Mum's taking care of it, don't worry. We're paying her off by doing chores." I said, as my thumb slid into my back pockets. 

"Really..Why" He whined,  "Shush your complaining, and c'mon." I whined, and ran down the stairs. He chased after, "bye mum!" we both yelled, as we raced outside. 

I slowed down, when we approached the sidewalk. "So, where should we go?" Rick said, as he looked around. 

Everywhere looked unfamilar. Well, of course, since we never been here before.

"Hm, let's try looking for a park.." I suggsted, as I slowly walked forward. I scraped my heels across the concrete, and let out a soft sigh. "Mom's enrolling us in the same school." I whispered, as I let out a soft pout.

"Well then." Rick sighed, pretending to be hurt. 

"I'm sorry! I'm just scared." I muttered, knowing I should be used to it, but I wasn't. 

"Don't worry. Now, let's go find a park!"




I was now back at home, facetiming my best friend, Mia. We met when I went to Washington. She was awesome, and supportive.

"So, when are you going to school?" She said, her voice barely a whisper. I shrugged, as I fumbled with my sweater. "In a few days I guess. We have to do this survey online or some shit like that." I explained.

"What kind of school has a survey?"

"Believe me, there are a lot of them." I laughed, soon putting on some music for both of us to hear. 

"I'll do it tonight. Because tomorrow, I'm going out with my family. We're going to a fancy restauraunt." I said, as I sung softly to the lyrics. "Woow." Mia laughed, as she soon shifted around, landing on her stomach.

I typed in the address too the site. When it loaded, I automatically clicked on, "Survey" 

"Damn, this site is boring." I joked, as my hands were now typing in answers for the questions.


After a hour or so, I entered it. I was waiting for it to load, meanwhile I was laughing with Mia.


When it was finished - which was a hour - It said I was accepted, "What the shit?" I laughed, there was no way someone could accept it that fast. "I hope this is worth it. I have to do it anyways." I said.


I wasn't ready for school yet..



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