Amanda wakes up from a coma with amnesia, her room is full of complete strangers!!!! Will she ever regain her memory? Will her relationship with zayn survive? Which boy will she fall for? Will she ever escape this darkness or will she always be kept in confusion.


1. introduction

Amanda's POV:

All I see are bright lights blinding me. Am I dead? Is this heaven? No! This us not heaven! Heaven wouldn't be this uncomfortable! As a child I always thought heaven would look like bright white lights I now know that would be the WORST heaven ever, it'd be more like hell! Suddenly I hear voices they are saying things like "she will wake up soon, I wouldn't be surprised if she could hear us right now." The voice sounded professional and well informed he is probably a doctor. But wait! If he is a doctor I must be in a hospital!!!!!! What happened? What is I die? Will I be ok? Why can't I remember my own name? These are the thoughts going through my head. I am scared, I am confused but I am mostly frustrated that all I can see are white lights and all I can feel are sharp pains. Suddenly I feel light headed as my eyelids flutter open. As they do I come face to face with a room full of people and I can't recognize even one of them. I feel awkward but I know that if these people are in my room I must know them. They all are chanting "Amy Amy Amy" so that must be my name. I decide that feeling awkward is better than feeling out if place so who they are and they all give me funny looks. A pretty boy with blonde hair and blue eyes shakes his head and pages the doctor in, he and the doctor step outside for a few minutes then come back in and they all slowly whisper. They do realize I can hear them right? They all hush as a comfortable silence falls upon the room and one by one they introduce themselves. The blonde haired blue eyed boys name is Niall, a blue eyed brown haired boy is named Louis, a brown hair brown eyed boys name is Liam, a green eyed brown haired boys name is Harry and a black haired brown eyed boys name is Zayn. For some reason I feel a bond with him like some sort of tie between us but I'm probably just making something out of nothing.

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