Harry styles fan fiction


1. The tears

Adilena P.O.V 

this is my third school this year... Will the bullying ever stop!! I cry my self to sleep, everynight I think of that one mistake I made. The guy who I " Sleep" with, he's old news. I never sleep with him he's the one who started this all, he lied and told everyone about me giving him a Std I go around schools and end up moving. " Adilena wake up sweety it's time to get up for school" my mom said shaking me. " Good Morning mom" I turn around smiling at her. " Did you cut last night" she asked me. " No. I stopped that last year, but I beat you Skylin did" I said running in her room and I find her on the ground. " MOM!!" I yell crying running over to her, I picked her up and felt her pulse there was nothing. " MOM, SKYLIN IS GONE" I cry. My mom ran in her room and stepped in a whole bunch of blood, she called the ambulance. " Mom she's gone no need to call them" I yelled. " Just go get ready for school, I'll get you when ever we know if she's ok" my mom cried. I got up and got ready, as I leave the house and to school. I walk up and find everyone, I knock into someone, " I'm really sorry" I say kinda scared. " Hi love, it's ok don't worry" I sweet voice says. I look up and see who it is, i freack out and start to cry, " what's wrong" he asked. " Just my sister she loved you, your in one direction right" I asked. " yeah I'm Harry and you are". " I'm Adeline" I said crying " don't cry" he said " I can't its hard because my sister likes you but today she.. She killed herself" 


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