The Funny One

Harmony is an Irish shy girl that never gets noticed. In fact, nobody really knows she exists, her parents are both dead, and she lives in an abandoned trailer. One day, she gets noticed, and so everybody recognises her face... Especially Louis Tomilson, a normal guy who she soon tutors in for Greek language. What happens when they both fall in love?


2. Noticed

I walked to school hopping over each crack with my converse. I smirked to myself to think how childish I was at times. I had my book The Te Of Piglet with me and I tried not to drop it. Maybe it seems like it's for little kids but turns out Te is a wise Chinese art that is very hard to explain. When school came into view I noticed the cloudy sky that promised to unleash rain onto us later. I walked inside like any other day. I followed the light swarm of people towards lockers. I set my textbooks inside and kept my Piglet book so I could walk to the bay window seat that I could sit on and read. Usually nobody noticed me, but today was different. Someone got punched to the ground towards my little seat. I gasped and people looked up at me. I didn't like the attention so I just sat there and looked back at my book. The person was bleeding as I saw through the corned of my eye. Why couldn't I just get up and help her? It wasn't fair for her to get hurt, but I just can't with my fear of people. I just couldn't, my palms would sweat, my legs would weaken, and no words would come out, and if any did, they wouldn't be able to be heard. So I just tried to concentrate on my book but everyone was in a circle around us three. The girl was obviously bullied often by this other girl, and people were just waiting for me to do something. I bit my lip and closed it shut. I can do this. I can help. No, I can't, or could I? A knot tied itself in my stomach and I took a deep breath. I set my book down, and stood up. The crowd went silent. "Can I help you?" The bully said her hand was ready to punch the girl getting hurt. I pinched my lips together and took a breath in through my nose. "Y-y-you... You can't hurt, hurt, her," I said softly. Since people were hushed, they could hear me. "Are you going to stop me?" She said laughing. "I-I have the ability to," I said raising my voice a bit, barely louder than before. The girl chuckled. "Well, maybe you think you can, but no one can," she said between snooty laughs. "It's cruel to hurt someone... You mam would be ashamed," I said quietly. "Your mum would be ashamed that you think so fully of yourself. Now step back leprechaun, or things will get bloody," she said mocking me accent. I was Irish living England, of course she would be mocking me. "You sound Australian, not Irish," I said glaring at her. "Listen, you must be new-" she began but I interrupted her, "This is my second year here, and I know who you are Olivia," I told her slightly louder. She swung at me and I just crouched to dodge. "I don't want any violence!" I said. She laughed. "I don't care, no one will talk to me like that!" She exclaimed pushing backwards onto the seat. I kicked her in the stomach trying to get her far from me. I was so scared that I felt power build up in me, and I felt like I could just knock her over like she was 1 inch tall. She came at me and I closed my eyes then balled my hand up into a fist. I could feel she was nearby so I swung a punch and felt skin hit it. I opened my eyes and saw her sitting on her bum on the floor. I looked at my fist then at her hand that held her cheek. I grabbed me book and ran out of the crowd and outside running towards me 'secret' spot. Which was out behind the school where a willow tree sat. The leaves hung all the round touching the ground so it formed a shelter. I ran towards it and felt a small drop of water hit the tip of me nose. I ran and hid under the leaves. Just leaned against the bark of the tree and read until I got a text from my phone. I thought it was a text, but it was a reminder telling me that I read my book through the school day. Oh well, it didn't matter, I had no parents, they died and I stayed at an abandoned trailer. I know it sounds horrible, but it sat there alone, untouched, and it looked very clean. The inside was too. So it wasn't like I lived inside a dump. I also have a job and life is going smoothly. I shut my book and dreaded to go inside to take me backpack out of me locker. I slowly made my way to the school and entered the doors. Everyone was gone, except one person, he was an averagely tall boy with brown hair. His hair looked slightly messy, but it looked decent. I quickly made my way to my locker and opened it to startle him. I have been told that I was light on my feet and would make a good ninja, only that was me brother from years ago. I have no idea where he is now, probably in England, just at the school he went to. When my parents died I ran away, Niall (Me brother) looked too much like dad. Life was just hard, and I am more of a solitary person. I grabbed my bag made of jean material and stuffed my book inside. "Hi," a boys voice sounded and I closed my locker door to see him standing on the side of the door. "You were that girl that stood up to Olivia right?" He asked. I nodded and started to walk away. "That was brave of you," he said trying to follow me. I just walked faster. "I'm Louis," he said. I stopped. It would be rude not to shake his hand. "Harmony," I said quietly and shook his hand. "That was really cool," he said. "What? Punching someone? That's terrible, I never would want to hurt anyone, and today is officially the worst day of my life!" I said. "It was only self defence, plus, Olivia deserves it! She's been bullying everyone lately, you did the right thing," he said. "It wasn't the right thing to do. I hurt someone, violence is never the answer!" I said walking fast. "Okay, fine, it was bad," he said giving in.

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