The Horrible Truth

In England, all Americans have to be killed immediately. Nobody knows why. David Cameron, president of England, ordered this just 1 week ago. Arianna Deakin, an american, is 19 years old. Arianna goes through a maze of obstacles, to live through this horrible period of time. From hiding in alleyways, staying in abandoned houses, going into many camps that the Brits( British Nazis) have dragged her into. Arianna's only hope, is to survive.


1. Chapter 1

My heart just dropped. Yet, another privilege was taken from me. Dating of non-Americans. Why can't I Date non-Americans? Bailey, my non-american boyfriend was to break up with me at once. The president, or what i call him, Hitler #2, broadcast on the television about 2 seconds ago, telling me who i should and shouldn't date. The door opened and in stepped Bailey.
"Did you hear?" asked Bailey, I nodded my head a tear falling down my cheek.
"How could they?" I asked, running up and hugging him.
"You know what I have to do, right?" He asked.
"Yes." I cried, sobbing into his shoulder. "I don't want  to say goodbye." 
"Then let's say Hello." He demanded  "Hello"
"Hello." I said, running my hands through my hair.
"I love you."  He said, kissing me for the last time ever.
"I love you too." I replied, then he left after saying this.
"Call me, if you make it through this, you're a tough girl, you'll make it through."
"How can you be sure of that?" I asked.
"I've known you, you fight, your brave, and have way more courage than I do, you'll make it." He  answered, leaving my small, but cozy house.
It was on. The Brits are going down. They already killed my other relatives, Bailey was all I had. My thoughts were interrupted by banging on my door. I opened it, relived to see my best friend Dylan.
"Arianna, pack your things, the Brits are close to town." He said.
As soon as he said that, I bolted to my room, grabbing my hiking backpack, I threw clothes in it. Next, moving over to my Guitar Case, I threw it open putting a picture a my Family, a picture of me and Dylan, a picture of me and Bailey and a letter he sent me in the case, Next, i put my Songbook and Diary in it, then closing it and whipping it around my shoulder. I grabbed my backpack and ran to the Kitchen, throwing cans of food, and a can opener in, I grabbed my phone, and Lap Top and put them in there as well making sure I had the right chargers too. I ran and grabbed my One Direction scrapbook as well. I also grabbed soap, hairbrush, Etc. Then going to Dylan at the door.
"You ready for your life to change?" He asked. 
"Yep." I said as I locked the door. "Crap!!! I need Max!" Max is my dog, I unlocked the door and put a leash around Max bringing him outside, and locking the door for the last time.
"Are you ready now?" He asked.
"I'm ready." I said.
(Do you like it so far?)


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