Loved you First

Alexis and her best friend Zalie are going to the one direction concert in Phily. Lexi is a Liam girl and Zay is a Niall girl. When her mom buys both of them meet and greet tickets will their dreams come true of becoming eh boys' girlfriendz


1. Chapter One

Alexis POV

So it's August 1, 2014! Zalie( my best friend in the whole world) are hanging out as usual. We of corse were jamming out to non other than One Direction! That's are absolute favorite band in the world! We are completely obsessed. Of corse we loved all five of the boys but we both had our favorites. Mine of corse was Liam😍 and Zay's was Niall obviously. We are talking about the concert coming up on August 13. We both are really excited. We were going to the Where We Are Tour. My lovely mom had bought us front row tickets. Of corse we really wanted meet and greets but they sold out in seconds! Like it was insane! We sere leaving on the 3 so we could explore Phily and so we could go to the One direction store and amusement park they just recently built.

"oh my God zay, I am totally freaking out right now! We are leaving in 2 DAYS! Can you believe it?"

" no, I can't actually and I am too , don't worry! Do you have any idea how awesome you mom is for getting us those tickets?! I just wish we had meet and greets. I mean they are two hours long and 1/2 is with all five if the boys and then the rest of the time is with liam Niall and Harry! Our favs. I think Louis and Zayn have to go see their girlfriends that's why they are leaving early. And It will be just is hanging out with them!" Zay said to me.

" I know. it's my dream to meet them." I answered her.

Suddenly zay and I heard a knock at the door. I wonder who that could be

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