Five Minds Nine Hearts- A Doctor Who/City of Bones Crossover- ON HOLD!!!

What if Alec wasn't gay? What if it was Isabelle?
What if Isabelle was dating a Shadowhunter who travels in time?

Melissa Tyler was supposedly the adoptive sister of Marley Rose, daughter of Mellie Rose. But when she finds that her co-worker Rose is a time traveler, both her and Marley get sucked into the world of aliens, and Melissa unveils some secrets about her pass that she wanted nobody to know.


All Rights belong to the writers of Doctor Who, Cassandra Clare, and the respectful writers of the television show and movie.


1. Prolouge



Melissa’s P.O.V


March 26, 2005


    My sister Marley and I laughed as the two of us walked to the door of Hendricks Department Store, anxiously wanting to get the hell out of this place and go back to our little flat to watch the East Enders marathon that was on. The guard had made us take the lottery money down to Wilson, and I had forgot how scary the basement was. The florescent lights were flickering, casting eerie shadows across the gray concrete walls. Water was dripping from a pipe somewhere, breaking the silence every few seconds. It was like a scene from a horror movie to say the least. 


“Wilson? Wilson, We’ve got the lottery money. Wilson, are you there?”
“We can't hang about 'cos they're closing the shop. Wilson! Oh, come on.” This can’t be good.
“Hello? Hello, Wilson, it's Melissa and Marley. Hello? Wilson?” Yep, this isn’t good. “Wilson? Wilson!”
“You're kidding me.”
“Is that someone mucking about? Who is it?” A male shop dummy started moving and the two of us nervously laughed. 

“Yeah, you got me. Very funny. Right, I've got the joke. Who's idea was this? Is it Ryder’s? Is it? Ryder, is this you?” 

“Mar, Ryder’s still in the states.” 

“Oh yeah. Well I don’t know any other stupid people.” 

“There’s Mickey.” 

“Yeah but he’s Mickey.” The two of us were cornered and we looked at each other before I felt somebody grab my hand.






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