Summer love

You will always be my summer love.


7. birthday girl

Ellie's POV:

I was shattered everyone woke up pretty late today,including me. I ached everywhere. Last night Niall asked me to be his girlfriend. I was over the moon,obviously I said yes. Anyway last night me and Niall made love. Yes 'made love' it wasn't just sex anymore. I loved this boy with all my heart,he told me he feels the same. I don't know what I'm going to do without him when these last two weeks are up... Guess were have to just wait and see.

Leah's POV:

I woke up to everyone singing 'happy birthday' to me. I smiled. "Can I go back to sleep now?" I asked closing my eyes again. Next think I new louis picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. "Lou put me down!" I screamed punching his bare back. "Fine!" He yelled throwing me on the sofa. "Now get up!" He smiled jumping on top of me.

He only had boxers on so I took the oppitunity to slap his arse.hard."awwwwwww!" He screamed. "Now get the fuck off me" I whispered in his ear. "Don't tease me lee" he smirked. I laughed and pushed him off me.

I had a shower,washed my hair,brushed my teeth then blow dried my hair. I put on a red belly top with a denim skater skirt and converses. I left my hair down and straight today. I put dark red lipstick on and made my way back to the living room. "Gorgeous" Liam said as I sat next to him,he pulled me in between his legs and kissed me slowly and gently. "You got a bit of lippy there" I laughed pointing at his lips. He smirked wiping his lips with his finger.

"Birthday presents!" Ellie screamed. "No I don't want fuck all!" I screamed. "Tough" Ellie laughed. Niall gave me his present first,I opened it,inside was a charm that said friend. I looked at him confused, he then held up best on his keys. "Thanks I love it" I smiled hugging him and kissing him on the cheek. Ellie gave me a charm bracelet witch I attached Nialls charm to. Harry gave me a 'his onzie' and liam a 'hers' we both laughed. zayn and perry got me frame saying 'best friends forever and always' with a picture if everyone in. I thanked them.

Louis was next. He pulled out a black box from his pocket and smiled. I opened the box,in side were little pink diamond ear rings. I smiled. "Thanks Lou love you" he kissed my cheek "love you to lee" last but not least was Liam. He got me roses and chocolates,and a half a heart necklace saying something on the back,I looked "Liam an for" I questioned. He laughed and pulled out the other half from his pocket and connected them together. "Liam and Leah forever and always" I read out loud. I hugged him and kissed him slow and passionately. "I've also got a few more surprises" he whispered in my ear after putting my necklace on me. "Mmm can I have them now?" I laughed. "Kean... I like it" he smirked. I kissed him and sat back down with everyone.

"Plans for today?" I asked. "Well I'm taking you out at 8tonight. Erm and it's 2 now so err what ever you want to do" Liam said. "I don't want to do nothing" I smiled. "Spin the bottle?" Zayn asked eager. Everyone agreed.

first spin kiss on the cheek; zayn spun a water bottle,it landed on me and then harry,I stood up and walked over to him,I kissed him on the cheek then returned to my seat.

Next spin kiss on the lips;zayn spun the bottle,it landed on him and Ellie,they were sat next to each other so they just tilted there heads and pecked each other on the lips.

Another spin tongue high five; the bottle landed on Liam and Perrie, Liam walked over to Perrie,she stuck her tongue out as he touched his with hers. When they had finished he come and sat back down.

Last spin tongue for 45seconds;zayn spun the bottle one last time and surprisingly it landed on me and louis again. I gulped,everyone laughed. I stood up as did louis. We stood in the centre of the circle. He put his hands in my waist I put mine around his neck. We both leaned in slowly,our lips smacked together,the kiss got more and more developed,he swiped his tongue across my bottom lip asking for entrance,I allowed,we stood there tonguing till zayn said stop. We both went and sat down.

"Ok wanna play something else?" Zayn asked. "This is kinda boring." He added,everyone nodded. "Truth or dares" harry smirked. Everyone nodded. I laid on the sofa with Liam while everyone else got off the floor and sat where they wanted to sit. We played for about a hour then me and Liam decided to go and get ready. Liam told me to dress warm so I wore black skinny jeans,my black vans,a white top,a grey hoodie and a white Beanie.

Liam put on his black skinny jeans,a red snap back,a white top and a grey hoodie.he took my hand as we exited the hotel,we made our way to the main lobby and walked out hand in hand. Everyone was taking pictures and singing happy birthday,how did they know it was my birthday? Shit. Twitter. Liam ignored everyone calling his name,he opened the car door for me and kissed me on the cheek. I got in and shut the door behind me. Liam spoke to his driver then got in. I unlocked my phone and went on twitter. I had tones of birthday messages.

@harry_styles : happy birthday @xoleahlynchox Love you! *picture attached (Lou and him kissing my cheek)

@real_liam_payne : happy birthday to my beautiful @xoleahlynchox love you! *picture attached. (Me sleeping him kissing my head)*

@zaynmalik : happy birthday @xoleahlynchox lots of love

@louis_tomlinson : happy birthday to the bestfriend @xoleahlynchox much love!

@perrieedwards: happy birthday @xoleahlynchox

@niallofficial : happy birthday lee lee @xoleahlynchox

@xoelliewoodox : happy birthday to my bestest friend in the whole world,love you babe(: @xoleahlynchox

@real_liam_payne : taking the missus out for her birthday(: @xoleahlynchox

@xoleahlynchox : thanks for all the birthday messages and presents. Getting treated out tonight<3 @real_liam_payne

I messaged my mum back and locked my phone. "Happy birthday" liam said before pecking me on the lips. "Babe you say it every 5seconds!" I laughed. He smirked. "We're here"he smiled. He walked round the car and opened my door. I got out and held his hand. Right in front of me was the Eiffel Tower. It was beautiful.

Liam's POV:

I led Leah over to a patch under the Eiffel Tower. There was a picnic basket and blanket laid down I had also arranged candles spread out around us, there was a rose in the middle of the table,it was set up perfectly.

Leah stopped for a moment. "What's wrong?" I asked confused. "I love you!" She said jumping at me. I wrapped her legs around my waist and carried her to our area. We laid down looking at the stars. We fed each other chocolate covered strawberries,and cuddled close. Now was the time.

"Listen Leah,I know I haven't known you long,but I don't care,the first times we met it was pretty awkward,but when we were about to have our first kiss I got butterflies in my tummy,I don't usually get that with a girl,when we kissed i felt like there was fireworks exploding everywhere,I'm just trying to say I love you. Will you be my girlfriend?" I said.

She looked at me. She shuffled closer to me on her knees. She pushed me down to the ground and kissed me deeply. "Is that a yes?" I asked in between breaths. She nodded and hugged me. Whoop whoop it's official!

We packed up everything and got back in the car,we held hands all the way back. I unlocked my phone as she was talking to her mum over the phone.

@real_liam_payne : it's official guys!!(: happy birthday to my GIRLFRIEND @xoleahlynchox much love(: xxxxxxxxxxx

She hung up the phone. And looked through twitter,I could tell because she looked at me and smirked.

@xoleahlynchox : had a lovely evening with the boyfriend(: @real_liam_payne thank you,love you lots(: xx

We arrived back at the hotel. I got out and walked around to Leah's door. I opened it and grabbed her hand as she got out. I shut the door behind us. "Is it true is it official?" Everyone was shouting. I rolled my eyes and stopped in front of Leah. I put my hands on her hips and pulled her in "kiss me" I whispered. She rolled her eyes and laughed. We stood there kissed for about a 30 seconds. Everyone was taking photos but I didn't care. "Yes it's official" I screamed back at all them. Leah laughed. we headed upstairs,everyone had fell asleep in the sitting area,we ran into the bed room and locked the door. "Happy birthday" l said as I kissed her neck slowly.

Leah's POV:

I kissed him gently,his lips were warm,he kissed me back instantly,I tugged at his bottom lip, he tugged at my t-shirt,after a few more times he managed to get it off. He layed down on the bed bringing me with him,still kissing me. He rolled over so He was now on top of me. He kissed me everywhere,giving me love bites everywhere. I traced his tattoos with my fingers,he pulled my knickers off,I put my hand in his boxers grabbing his length in my hand moving my hand across it. He moaned. He unclipped my bra. I pulled his boxers off,he grabbed a condom out his draw and put it on. "You sure?" He smiled. I nodded. He kissed me a few times before he entered me. It hurt at first, then we picked up a rhythm and we kept at the paste. We both moaned a lot. He kissed me a few times before we realised. He nuzzled his nose into my neck. We hugged each other tight,and fell asleep like this.

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