For What Lies Hidden

A collection of all my poetry in an order I think makes reading it even more fun and exciting.


50. The End of the World

They said

It's the end of the world

As we know it

But it's not,

Not for me.


I would have said

It's the end of the world

As YOU know it,

Because for you

 It is.


Some of us

Already suffer

Living in a dark and dangerous land

Where there is fighting,

Where there is sorrow.


Some of us

Already grieve

Of a life we once knew

That cannot return.


Some of us

Already hurt

Where bullets have pierced

And sadness has made us numb.


If only it said

'It's the end of the world'

Then Ii would have been glad,

For the war would be over.


But 'as you know it'

No difference does it make

To me

Who knows much more

Than you can ever imagine.

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