For What Lies Hidden

A collection of all my poetry in an order I think makes reading it even more fun and exciting.


125. Dodging Bullets, Defying Bombs

Should I run or should I hide,

Be a man or be a coward.

Give my hand to those in need,

Allow them to be freed.


Dodging bullets, defying bombs,

Avoiding enemy fire

To rescue those requiring assistance

Trapped in the midst of this burning resistance.


I bury my head in my hands

Knowing all of this is wrong.

I close my eyes to the world

Wondering helplessly why all this has unfurled.


I will be brave, I will be strong

Remembering all I have to live for

And the reason I am here,

Helping to combat terror and fear.


I won’t run and I won’t hide,

I’ll be a man and not a coward.

I’ll give my hand to all in need,

And help them find joy with being freed.


I dive into the cavernous darkness

Not letting what is lost curl up to collect dust,

My actions give them hope of no longer being rotten

And knowing they had never been forgotten.



I see the dread in their eyes

Of being alone and abandoned,

The terror and the pain

Which cannot be washed away by rain.


Leading them to safety

Through the ever heightening conflict,

Together we are brave and we are strong

Fighting evil and all that is wrong.

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