Just Best Friends.

Mia Davis and Justin Bieber have been best friends since they can both remember. But Justin has always secretly liked Mia, but Mia is madly inlove with Isaac Dunn who hates Justin. When Mia tells Justin he starts to get jealous very quickly...


1. Morning Business.

 Feelings is a word of physical sensation not connected with sight, hearing, taste, or smell. But the sight obviously has something to do with it, because Isaac was a beautiful sight. His swishy brown hair that he flicked up, his green us which lit up the room and made me drizzle like a lemon. I mean his teeth were so perfect, well so were mine I suppose. I've never had braces. But neither has Isaac, I swear he was the definition of perfect. I haven't told anyone not even Justin my best friend. He was more of my other half, people were always like 'you so fancy each other' ew no. Justin is beautiful and all but, he was my best friend. We do argue a lot, I mean he was always so over protective of me, I don't know why. Our parents are best friends, we are and our little sisters are close but there was quite a big age gap, but poor Jaxon was on his own.

 I rolled over letting the cold air of my fan blow my frizzy blonde morning hair everywhere. It felt so good. I grabbed my Iphone 5s and saw two texts. One I knew was gonna be from Jay (Justin) but not so sure who the other one was from. Maybe from Angie. Angie was the only girl I actually liked, all the other were petty to girly. I mean I am a girl but I hate it when girls used to over react. Angie was my Science partner so we gradually grew closer. Were not like best friends but I trust her, I supposed? As I clicked on Justin daily text my eyes flickered up to see Isaac's name. I almost died. I squealed and jumped out of bed. Then I stopped realising I sounded obbsessed, well I probably was. It was only saying 'Hi xx' but still! I could danced all morning but then I would of annoyed Sky. Sky my 13year old sister. She was probably the prettiest girl I knew, she had long blonde hair (like mine, which she copied) and glincing green eyes, she hated them as she wanted blue eyes like me. That was the only thing she hated. She had big boobs for her age, a perfect figure, straight teeth, perfect tanned skin. The reason we got naturally tanned skin is because Mum's partly Spanish so she's tanned all the time. But Sky and I were about the same colour, tanned. We both didn't really need make up, Sky put it on anyway, she was so weird. Were really close though, she told me everything. I told her most stuff, but some stuff was to 'big' for her. I paniced on how to reply to Isaac, was I meant to put 'hiya' or 'heey' or 'hi' or 'hello'. I never normally had that problem? He had some sort of power which made me weak. I chose the 'heey' and I replied, watching it as it sent slowly. I forgot to reply to Justin so he rang me like he normally did.

"Yo." I replied as I towel dried my hair.

"Thanks for ignoring me." He mumbled.

"You know I love you babe." Don't worry 'babe' was normal, 'baby' was to. It was just, natural.

"Shut up, anyway you walking or...?" He asked, I could hear him rumbling into his room. "Shade up." I groaned. It was a thing we had, our windows were right opposite to each other, so we would see each other even at our worst. Not that he hasn't seen everything or seen me cry. I walked over to side window and unrolled the blind. He was standing there shirtless. His abbs were a lot more clear.

"Working out eh?" I laughed as I hiched up my towel. My hair was stringing down my face.

"Yeah actually." He stuck out his tounge. I laughed. "What about your boobs."

"Still an E." I rolled my eyes. He was laughing now. "Well you got me to the window, what do you want?"

"You walking." He was brushing his hair into his normal fusey swishy style.

"Obvs." I was playing with my tounge bar in my mouth.

"Alright, love you bye." 'Love you' was normal to, I mean I loved Justin as a best friend.

"Love you bye."


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