Veronica, the girl who had her brother's life spared in exchange for her own to be taken, was a vampire living on the outskirts of London with her boyfriend, Edward (also a vampire). When she meets a dark stranger (Peter), she soon begins to slowly fall madly in love with him. But little did she know, both Edward and Peter's clans were sworn enemies since the early 1600s. She will find herself torn between the man she loves and the family she has fought with. Will she continue to fight with the man she once loved, or will she face the consequences?

*An Original story


1. The Mysterious Stranger


“Kill anyone who runs.” Edward called out in a thunderous voice. He stood at a height of 6’0, blond hair, and piercing blue eyes. He was the leader of the European clan and was the oldest of the vampires in the clan. Vampires attacked the current town that they were in, draining the blood of anyone who tried to run. In one of the houses, a girl named Veronica was protecting her younger brother who was only five years old. Veronica’s parents hadn’t come home since they left the house when the vampires began attacking their town. Many towns have been previously massacred before their own.

Veronica was sixteen years old when the group of vampires arrived at her house. The door was pulled off its hinges. Bravely, she stood face to face against her attackers. Her brother, Jeremy stood behind her. “Well, well, well, if it isn’t the last two survivors.” A man grinned, showing his blood stained teeth. He had an Irish accent and brown hair, but there was a gleam in his eyes that it was clear he wanted to kill her. “You can kill me but you have to let my brother go.” Veronica didn’t let the vampires phase her and they thought her words were rubbish. “Nonsense!” Another cried, but with a heavier accent. This man was from Scotland.

“Do as the girl says Russell.” Veronica saw that this vampire had blond hair and blue eyes. He looked much younger than the other two. Veronica turned to face her brother, hugging him tightly. “We’re going to see each other again soon. I promise.” she whispered into his ear before pulling away from the hug. Jeremy didn’t want to leave his sister, but Russell (the Irish vampire) bared his fangs and Jeremy began running in another direction because of fear. “Now what to do with you.” The blond vampire smirked. Edward saw that this girl had potential to become something greater. She was beautiful, brave, and smart. He wanted her for his own and wanted to turn her himself. He did exactly what he intended to do.


Veronica wandered through the dark forest during a cold September night. She had been eighteen since 1832. Also, she was the youngest vampire to the European clan. Edward had become her boyfriend, but he didn’t treat her like the queen that he intended for her to be. All he wanted was war and Veronica was tired of hearing it. She walked out of the castle walls and is now in the dark forest in search of a meal. She knew that there were small peasant homes nearby, but she didn’t have the heart to kill them for they could have young children. She was different from Edward, Russell, and Finn (the Scottish vampire). She didn’t help massacre the past towns since she became a vampire. She came upon a silhouetted figure in the distance wearing dark clothing. Royalty. She thought silently as a smile spread across her face. The thought of a ceremony came into her mind after it was announced their dear son has met his end by losing a fight to an animal attack. She followed him deeper into the forest and when it was time to strike, she lunged for his neck. But he was much faster than she.

Peter was a part of another vampire clan from North America. He and his fellow clan members have traveled over a thousand miles to arrive in Europe. Now his clan was much different from the European clan. They rationed their killings instead of massacring an entire town. Peter pinned the young maiden to a tree, his hands immediately at her throat and bared his fangs. He too saw that she had fangs and asked, “Who are you?”

“I’m Veronica, Lady of Sir Edward. I live in a castle a few hundred meters from here.” she said, pulling her fangs back. Veronica saw that Peter was a handsome young man, about a few or so odd years older than her. He was tall, brown haired, and under the moonlight, his eyes glistened a green color. When Peter released his hands from her neck, the two of them hardly moved an inch. “I am Peter.” he said. Veronica noticed that he had a much different accent than she. She thought it was very odd to meet a man with an unusual tone. “Where are you from?” she asked him.

“I’m am from New England, located in North America. I have traveled a thousand miles with my family to arrive here in Europe.” he answered. Veronica sensed that he was polite and only looking to have fun. “We are on the outskirts of London. Let me accompany you back to the castle. It is there that you and your family will be welcome to stay.” she said.

“I shouldn’t impose Miss Veronica. I don’t want to cause any harm.” Peter didn’t want to cross any lines. He wanted to maintain a safe distance between he and any other people that might see him as a threat. “Suit yourself. It’s very cold around this time of year at night.” Veronica smirked and then left the clearing, heading back in the direction of the castle. She entered her chambers where she found Edward waiting for her. “Where have you been?” Edward asked her. Veronica rolled her eyes and began to undress herself. “It’s not like you care.” she answered. Edward pinned her up against her closet, hands grasped at her shoulders. “Veronica, answer me. Where have you been?” He repeated his question once more, almost screaming at her.

“I was out for a hunt Edward. I came across a young man. He was a peasant and he begged me to spare him for he has children and a wife to feed.” she answered. Veronica had lied to him, but she lied with good reason. She didn’t want Edward to know about her meeting with Peter, who was of royal stature. “Why didn’t you kill him?” he asked, releasing his grasp. Veronica rubbed her shoulders, then continued to change into her nightgown. “Unlike some people, I didn’t want the children to be left as orphans.” She couldn’t forget the night that she would die to spare her brother’s life. Edward was furious, but he hardly showed it on his face. He knew that Veronica would be troublesome, but he loved her and yet he also loved the idea of war. “Veronica, you are a stubborn woman sometimes, but I love you too much to lose you.” She had a kind heart and Edward only once thought to kill her, but then he’d be alone.

Veronica took his words to heart and kissed him on the lips. She looked into his eyes and said, “I will always love you. No one can replace you.” Of course, that statement was a lie but Edward didn’t pick up on it. He left her alone in her chambers as she went to bed and dreamt of Peter, the handsome vampire she met in the dark forest. The next morning, she awoke as the sunlight streamed through the large windows. She got out of bed as Edward entered her room. “I bought you a new dress. Hope it’s suited for your liking.” he said, showing her the dress. It was a blue ball gown and she wondered why Edward had bought her the dress. “What’s the occasion darling?” she asked, cautiously taking the dress from him.

Edward smiled, “There’s a ball tonight and this dress is an invitation. If you choose to wear it, then you have agreed to go to the ball with me.” He immediately left her room and she just looked at the marvelous dress. How could she turn down such a beautiful dress? She’d turn down the man of course, but not the dress. She sighed, torn between having to wear the dress and going to the ball with Edward. She decided to try it on and looked at herself in the mirror, admiring herself from all angles. “M’lady, a man is here to see you.” Veronica turned to see one of her helpers appear at the door. “Where is he?” she asked the helper.

“He’s waiting for you in the garden.” The helper replied. Veronica thanked the helper and quickly said she’d meet him in just a moment. As soon as the helper left, Veronica quickly headed out to the garden unseen and saw that the man was Peter. Inside, she silently rejoiced as she walked over to greet him. “Miss Veronica, such a pleasure to be in your presence this morning.” Peter bowed to her.

Veronica smiled, curtsying and said, “It is such a pleasure sir. What brings you here to the castle?”

"I heard there's a ball tonight and I'm wondering if you'd care to go with me, unless you have found someone to take you." Peter said. Veronica felt that there were eyes watching them. Edward. She angrily thought and really wanted to go to the ball with Peter instead. "I've all ready been asked, but I'll hopefully see you tonight." she told him. Peter was a little heartbroken to hear the news, but he was going to see her tonight at the ball. "Until then Lady Veronica." He gave her a small nod and then quickly left without another word.

Veronica entered the castle and came face to face with Edward. She knew that he'd question her about Peter and there was no way she could avoid his questioning. Russell and Finn stood behind him with their arms crossed over their chests. "Who were you talking to out in the garden?" Edward asked her.

"Just a man curious about the ball tonight. He asked me to go with him, but I politely declined. Nothing to worry about dear." she said, then kissed his cheek and walked down the hallway. Edward, of course, told his men to go find out about who the mysterious stranger was.

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