Not Quite | Niall Horan

It wasn't supposed to be like this, it was supposed to be just a one time thing. I shouldn't be pregnant at eighteen but I am. I'm also carrying the biggest idiot in the whole wide world's baby. "The Jock" of high school, Niall Horan. He's an airhead, why couldn't it have been with someone that I could actually stand? It's not going to be easy, not quite.


2. Facing The School



I turn around and run to the bathroom. "Marley!" She calls me.

I skipped first period. I didn't want to face everyone, or the teachers. I unlock the bathroom door and look in the mirror. My eyes have lost the red and puffiness, I peak my head out the bathroom and read the clock. First period ends in exactly a minute.

I walk out and go to my locker once again. I trade my science books for my folder for advanced art. I look to my right and see Niall coming towards me. I shut my locker as he stands behind me. "Its true, isn't it?" He asks. "What?" I act like nothing is wrong. "Marley." He only knows my name because that's all people are saying. I look away and bite my lip. "Is it mine?" He whispers. "Yes." I say barley making it audible. "Are you sure?" I let the insult pass by, he didn't apologize, I know he knows what he said. I nod. I turn around and walk away, as I walk away I hear a pound on the locker. I look back and he has both his hands on the lockers, staring at them.

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