The Phoenix and the Transylvanian vampires

Phoenix Graves is 14 years. He is like much interested in computers. His father, John Graves works with computer games and has helped to develop the game Song Completely!. It was originally intended that this computer should hear a parallel reality suit. No, you really got into the song Absolutely!'s World, struggling with computer game characters. While the father is working on developing Sang Completely! Was phoenix with as a kind of guinea pig and thus came through the suit itself into the game. However, it was too scary and dangerous, so when the computer game was released, it was without the parallel reality suit.
We begin the story home with phoenix .....


2. Bidet

The new version of Legends Completely! has still not been published but is on a CD in phoenix ' father's study . Phoenix still has the two parallel reality suits lying in a box in his room . The new game set in a world populated by armies of bloodsucking vampires - a true horror game. Phoenix prepares - without parents knowing it - to go into the next game with the suit on , so he "borrowed" the CD on his father's room . He will enter the game, even though he knows it's dangerous . When he was in the first game , he had his best friend , larura with , but this time he will do it alone. He has produced a weapon , a crossbow , which he calls the Angel of Death . The he takes with him into the game.

His worst enemy , Steve Adams , the last six weeks have been vanished without a trace . The assassination of Chris Dark is still unsolved . In extracts include the name Andreas . He is a deceased relative in phoenix ' family .


It was the night it was full moon.

Phoenix had never felt so concentrated in his entire life . He did not lose track for a moment. Not even when his mother unexpectedly said Andreas at the breakfast table . Or when Laura nervously asked him about the game. He replied summarized their questions without in any way to seem suspicious . What they did not know was that he had the CD, he had the suits , and he had the will to fight . Nothing could bring him out of the socket . He thought only of what was going to happen that night : the suit sitting close as a second skin , the CD that would open the gate between the worlds , and the Angel of Death , who had to sing for him in battle.

I am ready .

He felt a small pang of remorse when he said goodbye to Laura at the end of her path . She had been with him on the first trip , and she had been brave and resourceful throughout. At that time it seemed as if she heard equally at home in the narrative world like him. But this referred only to him.

Destiny called and called only for him. He could not be sentimental. The effort was too high. The game master was relentless. He had previously used the people phoenix cared about him. Now may the phoenix come alone into the darkness. He looked at his watch . Three-thirty in the afternoon. He had plenty of time to do it all ready , prepare and go into the game . But he got a shock when he let himself into the house.

"Daddy ," he panicked . His plans fell apart before his eyes .

" Hey, the phoenix . "

Phoenix was suddenly very aware that the Angel of Death hung behind the dresser that the CD was below the floorboards , the sky was getting dark and it was just before the full moon . " Why did you come home so early ? "

"I 've been waiting for you. , I found out something today. About Chris Dark. This confirms what we had the feeling . " Time passed . The precious time. "Whether there that there was something cult -like about the murder. I managed to finally get to talk to the journalist who wrote about it in the local syringe. , It was hard to convince her , but eventually she jerked it out. Off the record , of course. "

Why could not his father did not just cut to the chase ?

" There were bite marks on his neck , the phoenix . Chris Dark had been bitten . Not an animal. This was done with unimaginable ferocity , deep , deadly lacerations , right down to the shoulder 's bones. His body was completely drained of blood . "

Phoenix had hardly listened until now. He had just stood and wished that his father would go so he could prepare. But it here!

" Vampyrbid ? "

"It sounds like it. Police have obviously seen it as a madman's work. What else would they think ? "

Phoenix was the back of it. "How is it possible? Demons can not penetrate. If they could , would largely be over now . "

"I have also asked myself the phoenix . All I know is that it is so. Chris Dark was found in his own apartment , killed by vampyrbid . "

Phoenix felt that his heart started pounding and temples to throb .

" You must be very careful phoenix . Killers might come here. "

" Why should he? "

Father so flustered out . He had not intended to tell the Phoenix that he had the CD.

And I 'm not saying that you do not have it !

" I have no idea , but if he does , you have to get out of here . "

" Do not worry, dad , I will. "

During the entire conversation had John Graves worked just as nervous as his son. " You should at least take care of. " Father looked at his watch . "I must get back to work. I have a meeting at five o'clock. If I come out on the highway before rush hour , I can just reach it. "

"But why did you all the way home to tell me that? You could 've just called . "

The father shook his head. " " I had to tell you face to face. , You were right . This is not over. Nowhere near . Anyway, we 'll see you tonight . "

" Yes, yes, tonight. "

But you will not even see me tonight. When I'm away.

In another world.

Phoenix saw his father revving up and driving down the road. He stood at the window, waiting for his heart calmed down . Time was before . There was no turning back.

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