The Phoenix and the Transylvanian vampires

Phoenix Graves is 14 years. He is like much interested in computers. His father, John Graves works with computer games and has helped to develop the game Song Completely!. It was originally intended that this computer should hear a parallel reality suit. No, you really got into the song Absolutely!'s World, struggling with computer game characters. While the father is working on developing Sang Completely! Was phoenix with as a kind of guinea pig and thus came through the suit itself into the game. However, it was too scary and dangerous, so when the computer game was released, it was without the parallel reality suit.
We begin the story home with phoenix .....


1. Computer Games-Designer death

He was a tall , athletic boy with dark hair and pale skin . He looked much older than his fourteen. There was something special about his face, a premature seriousness and intensity. He had grown up prematurely. He sat in the late afternoon light that cut through the kitchen, and read in a computer magazine as if it came to life. A single sentence jumped him in the eye .

" Computer Games Designer death"

There had not been anything alarming in the last number of Gamestation . On the contrary . Phoenix haved skimmed the usual articles on the latest news , gaming devices, and this week's theme cheat tips before he started on the reviews. He sea -facing sides with some anxiety until he put the center spread on the dining table . In particular, one of the reviews was a pleasure to read :


Minotaur in the labyrinth deep roar . Medusa hisses in a deep

remote cave. You are about to enter the Legends Completely! : Minotaur ' shadow autumn

five-star hit. It is strong mythological cases for enthusiasts

and novices. It does not require a lot GCSE'er to get pleasure

of this game, it just takes nerves of steel ! 3D graphics are delicious and

compelling, and you will be taken with its stunning realism.


Phoenix smiled. He had played the game. Also so much ! In fact , he had been the first to logged on Legends Completely! His father had helped to develop it, and he had used the phoenix as a guinea pig . But it was the next line that transformed his small, careful smile to a triumphant grin :


The only disappointment is that the much-touted revolutionary play -

gear with parallel reality suit that would elicit a "feel everything , fear

All " total experience was not something , it's pretty embarrassing for

manufacturer Magnacom . The suit was to give the player the illusion of

be inside the game itself. But do not worry. Even without parallel reality

the suit is Legends Completely! millennium's hottest horror !


Phoenix smiled. He knew why parallel reality the suit had not been for nothing.

Because I played and won.

I went into the game and ripped the heart out of it.

Player is dead . Player hurray .

He had been waiting to hear about it for weeks and had been lying twisted and turned up every night at the thought of how he had played . And how the game had played him! He went and fetched a Coke in the fridge, before he went on reading the magazine. A sense of complacency spread in him. He turned a new page. And then he saw it. One serious gap between all the magazine's other ordgejl .


Obituary CHRIS DARK (1961-2000)

It is with great sadness editors at Gamestation learns that

Chris has died far too young. Chris Dark designed some of the best

computer games ever made ​​, from Time Commando

to the legendary Death Race V.

When Chris died , he had just been headhunted to lift it in

already successful Legends Entire Series to new heights.

Millions of players have enjoyed Chris' well-rounded and imaginative style

with lots of action . The grief of his death is enhanced by the

tragic circumstances .

Chris was murdered in his home by unknown perpetrators men .


Phoenix re-read the obituary frowned and tried to get more information out of the short text. "It can not be. Donated . , It can not begin again." He hurried up along the corridor and into his father's study . It took him only a few minutes to find the cardboard box with the parallel reality suits, as he thought his father had destroyed . But there they lay . It was the accessories that could make real computer games and lead you into the worlds, game designers had created. The suit, he stood on was paper thin. It looked like a våddeagt , just less solid . Phoenix opened it and heard burrebåndslukningens velkendet swish . It sounded like the serpent in the Garden of Eden.

" Not again. , It can not begin again." He looked at points bracelet , but the LCD display was empty . Finally, under increased he the balaclava -like face mask, sitting on the suit. It gave him still shivering. A tight inhuman face that was as expressionless as death. The thought of ever putting it on again filled him with disgust.

But he need not . It was over. Was not it? ? ?

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