If I Die Tonight

"If I die tonight, what will I have done?"
Just those words which I said one night to my best friend were the cause of what happened next. I never expected for it to be the start of one of the wildest things I'd ever done - gate crashing One Directions party.

[Brilliant cover made by Lucy Style] :)


1. 1


I was watching the news on one Saturday night, curled up in my pyjamas. This was when the news lady announced the death of a famous football coach who had led their team to glory several times. I didn't know who it was but they seemed to be rather important as they were recollecting his life and a couple of people were saying a few words in his memory.

This got me thinking of my own achievements. Except that's just it, I don't have any achievements and I'm just a boring girl wasting her life. If I die tonight, what will I have done? Nothing, just sit here in my flat, not bothering to try to make something of myself. With this thought in mind, I flicked off the T.V, the dead sports coach making me feel bad about myself. I padded the ten steps from the lounge into the kitchen, getting a glass of water and downing it in one.

I then cleared my throat, rubbing my eyes, trying to get rid of the horrible feeling that had crept over me. I decided to call my best friend Coral, to take my mind of things. I picked up my phone and slumped down on the sofa as I called the familiar number.

"Heya faggot!" she greeted me when she picked up. I laughed. "What's up?"

"Nothing much, just lazing around really. You?" I replied, trying to sound normal and not like I was having an internal breakdown. 

"Not much either. I'm so bored, I think I'm just going to fall asleep from how boring it is right now," she complained and yawned down the phone, fake or real I'm not quite sure.

"Yeah, me too," I sympathised, then an idea popped into my head. "Hey, why don't you come round?"

"Yeah, that'd be good, if you don't mind of course," Coral replied back sounding hopeful but all the while knowing the answer.

"Of course I don't silly, get over here," I told her, as she was thanking me. I hung up getting up again from the sofa.

I put my phone in my pocket, deciding to clear up a little and brush my hair from it's tangled mess. Then soon enough there was a knock at the door and I headed to it.

I opened the door and there stood the bright smiling face of Coral beaming at me. "And how many speed limits did you break getting here?" I asked as she laughed, stepping into my flat and hugging me.

"Not many," she replied, looking a little guilty but still smiling. She then looked down at my pyjamas. "Having a pyjama day are we?"

I nodded, shutting the door behind her and following her back into the flat. I sat down next to her on the sofa. "I have been for this last week."

Coral rolled her big brown eyes, and then said to me, "you need to get out more, Harri."

"I know," I replied, sighing, and lowering my head moodily to lean it on my best friends shoulder. "I'm such a social disgrace".

"Aww come on Harri," Coral soothed, "you're not that bad girl!"

I snorted, taking my head from her shoulder and giving her a look. "Come on Coral, this is me, Harrietta Marple you're talking about. Everyone can see I'm a complete social disaster."

Coral sighed. "Well you just need to experience more. Maybe you should come to one of my sister's parties with me."

I snorted again. "You think I'd want to go to a party."

Coral rolled her eyes. "I know you wouldn't want to but if you're so depressed about being a social disaster going to a party would be a step forward."

I repulsed at the thought of a party, with drink, dancing and people everywhere doing crazy things. I sighed again, thinking of what I'd been worrying about before Coral got here.

"What's the matter?" asked Coral sensing my distress.

I sighed. She knew me so well and could tell when something was on my mind. "It's just..." I started but then stopped. She urged me on with a look so I sighed and continued. "If I die tonight what will I have done?"

She gave me a startled look and asked, "what brought that on?"

I sighed. "It's just I saw this thing on the news about this famous football coach and they were talking about all these amazing things he'd done. But I've done nothing compared to him. I just stay here in my flat, not doing much and being a social non-entity."

Coral sighed at me. "Harri, you listen to me. You have achieved something with your life."

"No I haven't," I protested. "But it's not just that, I've never done anything against the rules. I've never done anything crazy. I'm just a sensible, stupid and absolutely boring girl."

Coral gave me a stern look, but then I gave her a more serious look and she sighed. "Okay then have it your way." And then she got up from the sofa, and pulled me up to. "Let's do something wild."

I dropped my serious look giving her a worried expression. "But what?" I asked.

Coral gave a wicked smile which I hated as she clapped her hands together. "Let's go gate crashing."

"What?" I snapped at her.

Coral rolled her eyes at me with a giggle. "Come on Harri, be wild for once."

I gave her a disgruntled look saying, "but I'm in my pyjamas and I'm tired."

"Well get dressed then and slap yourself in the face," she told me crossing her arms and looking rather demanding.

I groaned at her and mumbled, "but who's party are we gate-crashing?"

Coral made some wondering noises but then her lips cracked into an even more evil looking smile. "One Direction's party."

I stared at her, my mouth going agape. Coral rolled her eyes at me, shutting my mouth and saying, "get dressed," and pushing me towards my bedroom.

I didn't move, staring at her. "How the hell are we going to gate crash One Direction's party? How do you even know they're having a party?"

"They're at the hotel where my brother works, he told me," she explained, still looking evil and giving me a look as though to say 'do what I say.'

I still stared at her agape. "But we can't!" I protested but she was having none of it.

"Let me pick you something to wear," she said as she pushed me through my bedroom door and strode to my wardrobe. "Something sexy."

"I don't own anything sexy," I told her grumpily as I slumped down on my bed, hiding below the covers.

"What rubbish?" she called at me and she stripped of the covers. "Don't you get any ideas about not going. You're coming!"

"No I'm not!" I snapped at her trying to tug the covers back over my head.

"Yes you are!" she shrieked, and managed to grab the duvet chucking it away. "Get out of bed. Now!"

I gave her a dark look, sitting up and watching as she went through my clothes. "Oooo what about this?" she suggested picking out a black skimpy looking dress with an evil grin.

I groaned at it knowing that this was a present she had given me. "No," I told her firmly.

"Why not?" she cooed in a baby voice thrusting the dress in my face.

"I'll look like a complete flirt," I told her.

"Well that's the point," Coral told me rolling her eyes, and throwing it at me. "Put it on!"

I moaned for at least five more minutes but Coral, being Coral, persuaded me eventually to get into it. I went into the bathroom, cursing under my breath and stripping off my pyjamas. I washed my face and then turned to glare at the dress.

I pulled it on, doing up the back. It was just about knee-length, tight fitting and had a crisscross do up at the back with strings of delicate lace. I hated it so much but it was no use arguing any more, not with Coral, she always wins. 

I emerged from the bathroom a frown on my face to find Coral had decided to borrow another present she had given to me which was an even shorter dress.

I rolled my eyes at her and she giggled saying, "come here. Let me do your hair."

I sighed, walking over to her and letting her do her magic. When she was finished I actually smiled admiring myself in the mirror. I thanked her and she just grinned now doing her own in a different style to mine.

She then put away her hairspray and hair stuff which had been in her handbag and turned to me saying, "smile Harri."

I faked a smile, muttering, "I can't believe I'm letting you persuade me to do this."

Coral smiled mischievously as we walked out of the bedroom. "You know you're going to love it!" she sang.

I shook my head, groaning at the prospect of what I was about to go and do as Coral headed for the flat door. I grabbed my coat, shoving my phone in my pocket and getting my keys.

Coral glared at my coat but after much protesting from me she finally let me keep it on with the deal that I'd take it off when we got to the hotel. I locked the flat door behind me, following Coral down the stairs in high heels I couldn't walk in properly, feeling nervous, scared and worried about where we were heading to.

The only good thing I could think of out of all of this was that at least for once I was doing something wild and I suppose it gives me something to think about to say to answer my question. If I die tonight, what will I have done?

Gate crash One Directions party with my best friend will be the wildest answer to it that I can give.

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