The Academy for Vampires and Guardians

In this story there are vampires and guardians also they both live amongst the human world. Then they get recruited to go to Barahona Academy by Denise Styles who is the headmaster of the Academy.


4. Chapter 6: The Party!!!!

In the dorms the students begin to have dorm parties because they love to dance and have a lot of blood frenzy's in the dorm's at Barahona Academy. As the party's wage on the staff here at barahona academy and that's when i see jade walking out from her dorm room that's when i call her name and she begins to realize that i am constantly watching her so she decides to head to where she heard my voice and that's when she sees that i am practicing my defensive spells against my ex-girlfriend's which are "Raven Marquez, Jasmine Cortez, and Jesy Nunez", we have been practicing for about three hours and we are all tired but i have to practice till the sun comes up which won't be for another half an hour. Once the sun came over the trees that's when we rested and fell asleep then i started hearing fighting grunts so i woke up to find jade fighting against raven,jasmine, and jesy because she wants to get better in defense.

Chapter 7: The duel with the rebels

As i began to walk towards the woods that's when the Rebel Vampires ambushed me and i started to put up a good fight and i ended most of their lives with "Avadacadarish" which ended there lives very quickly and then brought their bodies to the ground that's when more reinforcements came to the rebels aid in this battle and overwhelmed me at my position. These rebels have been using nothing but their magic against me but they forgot that i am the one that taught them how to use magic in an offensive strike except how to use it in a defensive move which makes me stronger than any Rebel Vampire. Then as i began to defeat these rouge vampires that's when the general decided to attack me because i was distracted so he took a cheap shot right behind my head so it hurt a lot which caused me to fall and i was dazed.

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