Directioner World |1D Preferences, Imagines, Free Covers, Rants and More!

Hey! Since I'm a hard core Directioner, I decided to make this book for other hard core Directioners like me :)

This book will include the following things:
1D Preferences,
1D Imagines,
1D Free Covers,
1D Rants,
1D Contests,
1D News,

And more! So you better favourite this book, and keep up to date with the latest 1D stuff. Peace!


1. ✮Introduction ✮

And hello there my awesome Directioners!

After finishing one of my books, I decided to make a Directioner World book. This has been an idea by me for many months, so it's kind of like a movellas dream come true.

So, let's get started with the basics. 

1D COVERS) I will be doing covers, yay! So if you'd like one, just comment below the following form, okay? Kay.

Title of Book:

Any Certain Celebrities / Pictures?:

Description of Characters:

Would You Like The Author On There?:

Summary / Link to Book:

WANT TO BE A CO-AUTHOR?) Hey-ho. So this is one of my first contests. If you'd like to co author this, just enter this form out, and then I'll do a draw (for real, I'll write your sign-offs on slips of paper and then put them in a hat, and pull out two names.) 

Sign Off: 

Directioner or Fan?: 

If you wanted to know what I am going to do, read the story info, silly.

Well, this is a goodbye for now. :)


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