Sweet Boys <3

this is a 1D fanfic and it involves ALL the boy's and Mee Parker Rose end up falling for one of my Brother's best friends ( read and find out ) Hope you enjoy ! don't forget to comment , sub , and like <3


1. Meeting my new co-worker . mmm hes pretty hott !

*AUTHORS NOTE * I just want to let you know If I can fit my entire idea on the page I will so it may be long at times so before I even start wrightin  im just going to warn you :)


*Parker's point of view *



  I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock , it was time to go to work . I must have fallen back to sleep because around 10:00 my best friend came in and woke me up and said my boss called , she gave me that face ' what ? ' ' That was just your boss , he would like to see you there within 25 min's other wise don't even worry about coming in tomorrow  '  I started getting undressed and I grabbed my work cloths and started putting them on ( I work at Starbucks ) I grabbed my black convers and I slipped them on and grabbed my iPhone and keys and ran down the stairs out the door and into my car . I arrived at my job just in time , my boss called me in and said that I could still work there as long as it never happen again , I promised and he told me that I was in charge of the new guy . I groaned at the sound of that  , but then when I saw him I didn't think it was going to be so bad . ' Hi ! i'm Parker and ill be with you until close , or until you leave ' . 'oh ok Hi i'm Louis ' he had Bright green eyes that sparkled when he smiled his smile was beautiful his  hair was just in the right position , I don't think I will mind being with him for a few hours . we were the only ones working tonight which basically meant just me . I made some one a coffee and Louis tried messing me up , it didn't work , ' can I call you Lou ? ' 'sure most of my friends do anyway and you are a friend ' he said smiling and winking at me . 'ok well Lou I've been working here for three years your not messing me up endless you put something n the drink and if you do that you will end up getting fired sooo . ' well then lets not do that I like working with you ' my checks turned red . 'aww that's cute ' he said I blushed more . ' ok well there's no one here so whens close ? ' he asked while scratching behind his neck . ' umm 10:00 its 9:30 so we should start picking and cleaning up so we can actually leave at 10 ' 'ok' we finished and he started singing ' Your insecure don't what for your turning heads when you walk through the doooor don't need make up to cover up being the way that you are is enough everyone else in the room can see it everyone but yoooh baby you light up my world like nobody else the way that you flip your hair gets me over whelmed but  when you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell you don't knooow uhoh you don't know your beautiful ! ' he stopped ' no keep going your good , hey what's your last name ? ' he looked around worried ' Tomlinson ' he said as he turned around   i kind of opened my mouth really quick and noticed he felt uncomfortable , ' look Lou I know who you are its ok im not going to start screaming ' I said trying not to scream . ' you know what band im in ? ' ' yea one direction right ? ' 'yea ' ' its time to leave so do you have a car ? ' I asked him stupidly . ' I do but I had niall bring me . ' oh well its late I can take you if you want ' 'oh no I cant let a girl take me home its usually the other way around ' ' ok fine then wake him up I was just being nice ' ' ok fine you can take me but you cant tell anyone you know where I live ok , can I trust you ? ' ' I don't know do you trust me ? ' ' yea ' ' ok then I trust you so were cool I promise I wont tell anyone ' *SKIPPING CAR RIDE* ' ok here you are , that huge by the way haha ' ' yea it is ' ok well ill see you at work on Friday ? if you work . ' yup I bet ill be there ' I said and I let him get out and I started to drive backwards and went home and was in my house and I just slide down the door he was nice , charming , he can sing and hes good looking wow ! i wonder if he would ever like me ?


* authors note * Hey guys im sorry its long but i finally ran out of stuff lol ok well thanks for reading and i deff will be updating tomorrow because at 2:30 i got to go somewhere so this is my first chapter meeting my new co-worker <3 thanks thanks thanks thanks <3 <3 p.s. if you haven't noticed i'm a lil weird and sometimes crazy so yea ! ok bye ill update tomorrow <3

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