Is it Really This Hard?

One Direction are the biggest band on the planet and they are planning on breaking up after there WWA tour. They thought they would still be friends. But will they ever hear from one another again after what Niall said? What did he say to Harry that made them have a falling out?


1. Chapter One

Harry's P.O.V

We were standing on the stage. I bit my lip nervous, it was between One Direction and Rebecca he was talking slower than ever i just wanted to say "HURRY UP!" But i knew i couldn't. I could hear the X Factor heartbeat slowly beating. I forgot the mans name as he opened the envelope, he sighed

"Im afraid..." He quietly says a tear falls down my face

"Its time to go One Direction, Rebecca your through!" He cheered, i clapped but i fell to my bum as tears fall out Mike walks over to us so i quickly stand up and hold on to Louis.

"So Zayn is this the last of you boys." Mike spoke into the micrphone.

"No this isnt the end of One Direction we are definitely staying together." Zayn says confidently into the microphone.

One year Later.


I sat on the couch to think about what Simon told all of us just after we.. Lost?... The X Factor. That no matter what we had a record deal for 5-6 years. I saw Louis walk over to me and pat my chest, he started talking but i was day dreaming about being on tour, making albums. Being in a concert. All with my four best friends!

"Harry!" Louis eventually got to me

"What?!" I asked facing him

"We're recording our first music video with Simon and the management today." He said standing up grabbing his keys. I smiled excited because this was going to happen for 5-6 years!


"Boys after this tour... Im afraid its over!" Simon nervously said

"B-but we have a contract for 5-6 years!" I yelled as tears fell down staining my cheeks. This. Was. Going. To. Be. The. End!

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