Remnant Memories

Emmy Blood is no regular girl, she has two pointy teeth and doesn't remember her past. When Emmy meets two girls and a boy just like her they are immediate friends. Suddenly Emmy an her friends start to remember their pasts and their world is tipped upside down.


1. The Teeth

I woke up screaming from a terrible nightmare i had the same dream every year the night before my birthday, the night before christmas, the night before easter and any other night before a big event. it scared me and now, 14 years after the dreams started coming regularly on the same day, my parents are finally hitching on that there is a problem and, as per useual they come rushing concern and knowing written all over there faces. i told them i was okay and they headed down to make me a hot chocolate and to book a mental doctor.


SORRY this chapter is unfinished i will update it again later along with the next chapter

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