That Boy

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  • Published: 21 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 19 Mar 2018
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Every girl wants a Prince Charming of some sort. Me? I don't want a prince, I want the penguin loving singer.


28. Screw You, I'm Awesome

I finish and hop out, wrapping a towel around my body.

I step out of the bathroom and walk over to my closet. I see Ashton glance up at me, smirk then look back at his phone. I grab out clean underwear, a new bra, my purple shirt that says "Screw you, I'm awesome." On it in boldly black in messy writing and my blue skinny jeans with rips all over them.

I walk back into the washroom and change because Ashton's sitting on my bed on his phone. Probably on twitter or something.

I walk back out and over to my mirror. I grab my brush and rush it out then put it in a high messy pony tale. I then put on a little bit of mascara and lip chap. I then quickly brush my teeth and then rinse my mouth and toothbrush out after.

I turn and grab my phone, wallet, backpack and Ashton.

Thank god he's already dressed. I grab an apple from the fruit bowl and we head out.

He grabs my hand and I blush.

We pull up the school after a drive of us arguing over what's better, chocolate or vanila. (Chocolate is, don't listen to Ashton.) Then he kisses me goodbye. I take his sunglasses off his face and head out the door before he can get them back. He playfully glares at me and I grab my bag from the back and he pulls off before anyone could tell it was Ashton Irwin.

I make my way into the school and over to my locker.

"Stevie! There you are!" Bella yells as she makes her way over to me. I grab out the books I need and shut my locker, making sure I have my phone along with my headphones and my wallet.

"Here I am!" I say faking enthusiasm and she smacks my shoulder.

"Come on. Remember Michael's going to be teaching our class!" She squeals and I roll my eyes. How could I forget?

She grabs my hand and she literally drags me to our class. I get in and I see that kids are still piling in.

We take our seats and after the bell rings, the colourful Michael walks in.

And I say colourful because his hair is now, yep. Green.

"Michael. What the hell did you do to you hair?" I ask as everyone either gawks at him or me for asking.cit not everyday that a random girl asks someone famous why there hairs green.

"I dyed it." He says with a proud smile on his face. I shake my head and it's like realization hit him and his his face softens as he looks at me.

I blink and look away as my smile turns into a frown.

"Right okay. As you all know, I'm Michael. Today your teacher left me a note saying what your suppose to do." He says as he pulls out a piece of paper from his pocket.

The class groans and he chuckles.

"Oh come on. It's not that hard." He says sitting down in our teachers spinny chair like last time.

"You only say that because you already did it." Someone says from the back.

"Well, I didn't have to do it, I'm a high school drop out." He says and I laugh as some of the peoples shocked expressions.

"Oh come on. It's not that big of a deal. Like, if I didn't drop out I wouldn't be where I am today." He says. Good point. But then I wouldn't want to kill Lucas and mine of this mess would have happened.

"Back at highschool?" I smirk and he playfully glares at me as the class laughs.

"Very funny Stevie." He says rolling his eyes. "Wait. Your suppose to be helping me up here."

I groan and I feel a heavy tug on my heart, I kinda just want to sleep and yell at someone. That someone being anyone. Aka Michael maybe.

"'Kay. Work on pages 78-89." Michael says and everyone, including me gets out the pages.

I get up and sit beside him. He pulls the chair closer so I'm literally right beside him. I roll my eyes and start working on my work.

I can feel Michael stare like he's burning a hole in my head.

I turn to look at him and raise an eyebrow, asking him silently what the fuck he's doing.

"Sorry. Just worried." He mumbles while doodling on my binder.

I glance up at Bella and see her already looking at me with confusion. I just shrug my shoulders at her.

One at a time everyone brings up the papers and Michael puts them in a pile.

Once everyone's done he lets us have a small break. But we have to stay in the class room because this is our only class room for the day.

I'm about to get up and go to Bella but Michael grabs my thighs and pulls me back down beside him.

"Dude." I say and he meets my eyes. I see worry and genuine concern.

"I'm sorry about Luke." He says so no one can hear him.

I turn around so I'm facing him all the way. "It's fine Michael."

"I can tell your smiles fake from a mile away." He says making me groan.

"Calum said the same thing this morning." I say then my face goes red because that sounded wrong.

Michael's eyebrows raise and he smirks at me. I put my face in my hands and I can feel Michael chuckle.

"What was he doing at your house to begin with so early?" He asks his smirk growing. I glare at him.

"Nothing like that happened Clifford." I say kinda lying. Okay it did happen but wrong person. But I'm not telling him that. No way in hell.

"Right. Your still a virgin." He whispers in my ear. I elbow him and he just laughs.

"Hey Stevie." Bella and Gabby both walk over. They pull a chair over and sit.

"Oh. Michael this is Gabby and Bella." I say pointing at the two starstruck girls who say hello back.

"What's up?" I ask leaning my elbows on the desk while holding my head up.

"Nothing much. Only that the Michael Clifford is sitting right in front of me." Gabby squeals out and then clamps her lips shut and Michael just looks very amused.

"He's nothing special." I say and he squeezes my thigh and I jump up and glare at him.

"Stevie, you okay?" Bella asks while Michael try's to hide his laugh with a cough.

"Peachy." I force out a smile and I swat Michael's hand.

"So how's your so called boyfriend?" Gabby smirks at me and I can feel all the colour drain from my face and my body tenses.

Michael even stops what he's doing.

"Just great." I grit out through my clenched teeth. Gabby and Bella share a look then look back at me.

"Uh oh. What happened." Bella asks softly. When I don't say anything she looks at Michael.

"What? I'm not going anywhere." He says and he rubs circles on my back without anyone noticing.

"Can we speak with her alone please? This is something personal that's only for our ears only." Gabby says and Bella nods he head and Michael starts laughing and I smack him.

"It's okay. He can stay." I mumble and Michael smiles at the girls who look very confused.

"There's nothing really to say. Only I'm not dating him anymore." I say with a heavy sigh.

"You know you might just want to tell them why because we both know there going to ask." Michael says and the girls looks from me to him.

"Wait. You knew already?" Bella asks.

"Yup." Michael says popping the 'P' then kisses my cheek. My eyes go wide as I look and see Gabby and Bella busy getting something from there desks. Wait. When did they get up?

"Michael," I hiss. "Anyone could have seen you!"

"So? No one did so were okay." He says smirking.

The bell rings and there's a knock. Well first class is over and who the fuck is at the door?

Michael gets up and walks over to the door holding my wrist and dragging me over also.

He opens the door and Ashton smiles once he sees Michael but his smile grows once he sees me.

"Hey Michael. Hi Stevie." Ashton's says his eye never leaving me even when he said hey to Michael.

"What's up Ash?" He asks leaning against the door. I finally pry my hand from his grip and put my hands in my pockets.

"Oh. Calum needs your help with something so I'm here to take over." Ashton says and I can almost see my best friend faint at even the sight of Ashton. Yeah Bella's an Ashton girl. Like hell I don't blame her, have you seen his muscles? Cause I have. I've seen every inch of Ashton Irwin. Just let that sink in Ashton girls......

"I'd ask why Luke didn't come but I'm glad he didn't." Michael says and Ashton nods his head shoving his hands in his pockets.

"Okay. I'll go see what our Kiwi friend wants." Michael says then he kisses my cheek again. I make a grossed out face and wipe my cheek.

"Michael! That's gross!" I tell him as he laughs while walking off.

Once Michael's out of sight, Ashton lightly pushes me against the lockers with a small smile.

He leans down and his lips just hover over mine, "If I don't kiss you now, I don't think I can hold myself back in the classroom."

I bite my lip and slip out from him and run back into the class room trying to suppress a giggle while I leave Ashton out in the hall way.

I take my seat again and Bella and Gabby come back over.

"What was that all about?" Bell asks.

"Did you and Michael go and make out?" Gabby asks in a teasing tone. I scoff and roll my eyes.

"No. But trust me, he wishes." I say and we laugh.

The door opens and closes again and everyone in the class but me looks over. I already know it's Ashton.

I can feel him stare at me, like he's burning a hole into me.

He pulls the chair out and sits down. Bella looks like she's going to explode and Gabby just looks starstruck again.

"Hi. I'm Ashton." Ash says smiling at Bella and Gabby.

"I'm Isabella but you can call me Bella or Isabella if you want it really doesn't matter, hell you could call me Bells for all I care." Bella rushes out then clamps her lips shut. Oh jeez. I mentally face palm.

"I'm Gabriela. But call my Gabby." Gabby says. He nods his head telling him that he's paying attention.

I turn to him. "I'm Stevie."

He smirks and then he gets out his phone and texts someone, still smirking.

He then puts his phone in his pocket and mine vibrates. I give Ashton a confused look but pull it out anyway.

'Why'd you run from earlier? Now the urge is even stronger. I might just have to kick everyone out and have you here on the desk.' ~ Ashton.

My eyes go wide as I read the text over and over again. I glance up at Ash who's smiling to himself.

I text back.

'Les see how strong you are. Try and see how long you can go.' ~ Stevie.

I press send and he reads it. His eyes meet mine and are silently pleading me for something I can't give him.

I smile while I shrug my shoulders.

"Okay class. I'm Ashton Irwin. And I'll be teaching you now." He says standing up and everyone stops what there doing and pays attention to the curly haired lad.

"What happened to Michael?" A girl asks.

Yeah where did he go? Yeah I know it had something to so with Calum, but that's no help.

"He had to go help Cal with something." He says with a shrug of his shoulders.

"Okay. What did you all do so far?" He turns and asks me. Bella and Gabby are back at there seats.

"We just finished our pages from 78-89 and you can tell us what we do now." I say and he mumbles "I know what I wanna do."

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