Slipping Away Jelsa

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Jack Frost, a lonely, un-believed in spirit comes across a little girl one night with powers just like his. Struggling to discover his purpose, he decides to stay with her, and guide her through her life. However, this is difficult when she can't see or hear him. In this fan fiction, which takes place before Rise of The Guardians, Jack struggles to capture the attention of Elsa the Snow Queen, who is quickly becoming more and more beautiful, and changing his ideas about the kind of attention he wishes to capture.

Credits to Slipping_Away_Jelsa on Instagram :)
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1. Chapter One

He found them one early morning, just as the sun was rising. He'd been talking to the Moon again, with no avail. Their laughter rang from the palace nearby. Immediately, at the sound of it, he perked up. Where there was laughter, there was fun, and he was all about fun. Eagerly he followed the giggles, flying up to a palace window. Inside, nothing could have prepared him for what he saw. It was fun, indeed, but he never seen fun like this aside from himself. A very small girl inside wielded his own power, creating snow across the palace floor. Surely she was not immortal? Had this been the work of the Moon? Quietly and carefully, he slipped through the window to get a closer look at this mystery. He flew around the girl, his eyes narrowed in concentration. Her movements, the snow and ice she created with ease, it was all identical to himself. Another small girl, her sister he supposed ran about sliding in the snow. Jack Frost laughed. Why was he so hung up on why this girl had his powers? This only meant more fun. He joined in, throwing out his own snow and ice, but the girl didn't seem to notice. Though no one could hear him, Jack was laughing. He'd never imagined what it would be like to meet someone like him! Look at all the fun they could have! He would stay here, he decided. Maybe this is what the Moon had sent him for, to watch the girl grow up, to teach her what he knew about these crazy powers. Of course, he couldn't speak to her, and she couldn't see him, but... oh, that wouldn't matter, he assured himself. Suddenly, the girl let out a frightened cry. &quot;Anna! Slow down!&quot; She yelled to her sister as she jumped from snow pile to snow pile. Jack watched nervously. He had to do something, had to help her! He rushed toward Anna and just as he was about to place a pile of snow for her to land on, a stream of magical ice pierced the air. Although Jack didn't know much of time, being immortal, it seemed as though time itself slowed down. The stream directed itself right toward the head of the young sister. His eyes grew wide as she fell to the ground. He rushed over to where the older girl had hastily and yet gently pick her up in her arms. &quot;Anna!&quot; She repeated. Anna appeared to be unconscious. There was nothing Jack could do but watch in horror. He'd never seen this happen before. A white streak appeared in her hair. He had know that to occur, as himself and this young girl with the powers had hair as white as snow as well. Just then, the King and Queen burst through the doors to the snow covered room. Even though Jack knew they could not see him, he sunk back into the shadows. They scooped up Anna, and Elsa, as he learned her name was, followed timidly behind. She was horrified, he could tell. Elsa loved her sister and would never, ever hurt her intentionally. He followed them as they took a long trip down to a mossy valley. He didn't understand what this place was, or how it was meant to help Anna. Suddenly, rocks began to tumble down on all sides of the valley. His eyes darted around nervously. Being a winter power-wielding immortal, he had seen many strange things, this of which was not one of them. When the rocks began to stand up on little stubby legs and show their stone faces, he decided it best to watch from afar. He couldn't hear what was said, but after a fretful conversation with the stone creatures, the family headed back to their palace. Elsa ran to her room, laid on her bed and sobbed. Jack sat on the floor beside the bed and only wished he could help her. His powers were sometimes too much for him to handle, he could only imagine what it must be like for someone so small. However unsure she was, Elsa knew she could feel some sort of presence beside her that night. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So this ^ was the first chapter. Not the most interesting of chapters, but it's when Jack first finds Elsa, so it's kind of important. If you hadn't already figured it out, it takes place before Rise of the Guardians and during Frozen. I didn't go into much detail because I assumed anyone reading this would have already seen Frozen. Hope you're interested and will stay with me for the next chapter! ~ Slipping_Away_Jelsa @Instagram
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