The Downfall of it all

"It's my life"




7. Chapter 7

Colton’s P.O.V.

“By the way, can you sing?” I wondered because she said she loves music and that is her way of running away from stress …  it sounded like she choked for a little bit, is she okay? What the heck!!? I hope she is okay! “Um, I can sing, but I don’t like to in front of people” “aww why is that” I wondered, I’m sure she could sing well, she has a beautiful voice as it is talking… “Well I just don’t feel comfortable singing In front of people, I’ve had tons of insecurities all my life, I’ve even started anorexia and other things... gosh why am I telling you this, it doesn’t matter! So how’s your life going?” “Wait what you are anorexic!?!?!” “Yea but that doesn’t matter” she said, probably being sensitive about the subject… “Why you are anorexic, you’re thee perfect size, perfect everything, you’re beautiful, you don’t need to do that Alexandra...” “Yea I know but, I’m trying, so don’t worry, and please don’ tell anyone okay?” she sounded concerned. “I promise I wont tell anyone okay, now back to you and music, will you sing for me, I really wanna hear you sing, please? I made myself sound like a baby on purpose, that really gets the girls, but I really like her, and I think this could get serious… “You want me to sing... well I guess I can… what do you want m to sing?” “I don’t know whatever you want!” I told her cause I want her to feel comfortable. “Well ill sing this one song that will hopefully be me one day, if I wasn’t so afraid…” so she stared singing….but I didn’t recognize the song… 

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