The Daughter of Time

Summary: A satyr had brought her to camp half blood, a very experienced satyr, and Karen finally had a home, well, at least for a little while. It wasn't long before they found out that Karen was more then just a normal demigod, Karen was more powerful, more intriguing, more.......... beautiful than Nico would have ever imagined, but he couldn't let himself fall in love with a potential evildoer....... Could he?


1. The New Arrival

(A/N: The story will be in different perspectives. Most of the story told by Percy,Nico, and Karen. Some parts Luke may narrate. Enjoy.)



I was playing volleyball versus Annabeth when the new girl came. I could sense there was something different about her. She looked uneasy, and scared. She was accompanied by a satyr, and ....two of the three kindly ones? I had to do a double-take, but yes, there were two kindly ones following the girl and the satyr. I thought it would be no problem, because the camp half blood border wasn't very far away, and the monsters couldn't cross that, but then one of the furies picked up speed and proved me wrong. It grabbed the satyr with its talons, and started growling. The girl froze in her tracks, I assume that she didn't know she was supposed to get to the barrier, but why wasn't she running? And then, she did something I would've never expected from a new demigod. She took a knife out of her boot, and faced the monsters. She slashed at one with the knife, taken by surprise, it dissolved, but the other one was too fast. After a while she seemed to get tired, and the fury knocked the blade out of her hands. It was only at thatr time that the thought came into my head that I should probably go help. I grabbed my stygian iron, blade, and charged the monster from behind. 

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