The Basilisk

In Harry`s second year at Hogwarts he defeated the basilisk. What he didn't know was that by taking away one life he would save two. Ginny Weasley`s and Alexandria Riddle`s.


2. Freeness (is that a word?)

Alexandria`s P.O.V

Today I was free for a bit. But I had to Perify or kill people. I petrified a cat and a girl's mind is in the diary`s control. The girl is a first year and her name is Ginny Weasley. I got around today in the pipes. No traffic. New view. Not a nice smell. It smelt of sewerage (again is that a word?) A

K.A Poo and wee from the school toilets. My scaly black scales slid through the pipes quickly. But I took ages just so I could stay up here in the real world. I knew that I had to go back because I had to wait for someone to kill the basilisk so I would be free. I know that day will come. I am just sick of being the damsel in distress all the time. Nobody trusted me with adventure because they thought I would get trapped all the time. But one day when I am free I won't be the damsel in distress I`'ll be the person that never gets trapped and I will be trusted with adventure. I am still thinking if freeness is a real word.

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