Little Things 17+

When a mix up with their hotel reservation throws them into world wind romances with one of the hottest boy bands in the world. Will it be everything they dreamed it would be. Follow them on their adventure and see...
CREDIT- kelsea2253


31. Chapter 31

Zayn's POV

The next three weeks seem to fly by, it's already the end of August. I can't believe how well Mia has recuperated. Her bruises are almost all gone and she hardly flinches anymore when I wrap my arms around her waist. Uncle Sime is coming tomorrow night to talk to us about what the band is going to be starting in September. He's also expecting an answer from the girls about their possible music career. Mia still hasn't given me an answer about getting married and starting a family. I guess I can't really blame her. Who wants to get married and have children with big bruises on your face and pain every time you try to be intimate. I wish the summer wasn't over already. I'm missing it already.

I'm still laying in bed waiting for my turn in the shower when Mia comes out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel and jumps on me. "Good morning you sexy beast!", she says. I laugh.

"What's got you in such a good mood?", I ask.

"We're going with Liv and Niall today, to the Doctors, and I'm excited. I've never been an Aunt before...", she says. I stroke her cheek.

"I can't wait until it's our turn", I say and she blushes.

"Zayn, don't you want to wait a little while, for the whole family thing. I mean, I'm only 18, and you're only 20. We have lots of time...", she says.

"Age doesn't matter, Niall's only 18 too", I say.

"Yes, but my sister is 2...", she says.

"You don't want to have a baby with me?", I pout.

"I didn't say that Zayn. I want to marry you, I just think we should wait a little bit on the whole 'kid' thing...", she says.

"We can still get married though?", I ask.

"Yes", she says, leaning in and pushing her lips on mine. In one swift move I flip her over onto her back so that I'm on top of her. Her eyes get big as she let's out a giggle. "Oh, Mr. Malik, whatever will you do with me now?", she whispers, batting her eyelashes at me.

"What time is that appointment this morning?", I ask. She glances at her watch.

"About an hour", she says.

"Perfect, I only need 5 minutes!", I say, laughing as I pull the blankets up and over our heads. We're both giggling as I peel off her towel and slid myself inside of her. "Oh, weren't you ready?", I whisper.

"I just have to look at you and I'm ready!", she groans, as I move my hips against hers. "If this is only going to take 5 minutes you better speed things up...", she whispers.

"Okay, whatever you say love...", I say, grinding against her faster. I can feel her body explode around me as I let go too. "I'd better go take my shower", I say, as I plant light kisses on her lips.

"Okay...", she giggles kissing me back. I get up from the bed and hear her whistle as I make my way to shower. She's so addictive, like a drug.

Niall's POV

I watch as Liv gets out of the shower. She crosses to the dresser and pulls out a t-shirt and puts it on, "I must of shrunk it a little. It's a little tighter and shorter than I remember...", she says. Then she grabs her favorite jeans and slips them on. I watch in silent amusement as she struggles with the button.

"Problem love?", I ask innocently. She walks over to the mirror and turns herself sideways examining herself critically. Then, she tries the button again. I can't help but laugh and she shoots me a look.

"This isn't funny, these are my favorite jeans!" she says.

"Did you think you were going to stay the same size throughout the pregnancy?", I ask very amused.

"No, but it's only been 4 weeks! How could I be too big for my jeans already?", she complains.

"Your body's changing... I see it everytime I look at you. Your breasts are a bit bigger too...", I say smiling.

"How come I'm getting the shitty end of this deal and your getting all the perks?", she asks and I laugh again. "Stop laughing at me...", she pouts.

"Love, I think it's time you gave up on those jeans", I say trying to sound compassionate.

"You think it's so funny, but you're not going to like it when I'm so huge that you can't even wrap your arms around me...", she threatens. I get up, walk over to her and cup my hands on her face.

"I will love you no matter what?", I say looking into her eyes. Then I pull her face to mine and gently plant a kiss on her lips.

"You should go get dressed", she whispers, her face looking beautifully flush. She kicks off the jeans and grabs a pair of sweats that have the word 'HOT' written across the bum. The pants sit lower down on her hips and the shirt being just a smidge short make it so you can see her slight baby bump. It's turning me on.

Liv and I make our way out to the kitchen for a quick breakfast, everyone's already there and dressed. "Where are you guys all going this morning?", Liv asks.

Harry shoots her his most charming smile, "Well, since it's the first 'One Direction' baby, we were hoping that maybe we could come along...", he says.

"All of you?", she asks, dumbfounded.

"None of us have ever been to an unltrasound before, PLEASE?", Louis begs. I notice Liam looking at her intently, until finally, he walks over and puts his hand on her belly.

"Very cool", he says. Then a flood of hands all find her bump. Liv's face blushes.

"Ok, let's go", she sighs.

I grab her and I, a breakfast bar and we're out the door.


It's another early morning appointment so we are the only ones there when we arrive. "Quite a party you have with you this time", the nurse says, clearly annoyed. She brings us down to the 'private' waiting area. There aren't enough chairs for all of us, so the girls sit on the boys lap's.

"I'm not sitting on you Niall, I'll crush you...", she says, smiling. I stand up and give her my chair.

"Liv, Niall!", Dr. Hodges says. "Wow, you brought alot of people with you today!", he says.

"They're family...", she answers, smiling.

"Ok, let's go then...", he says, as he leads us across the hall to his office. We all pile in. I must admit, it is a tad embarrassing. "Ok, Liv. Hop up on my table...", he says, and she does what he asks, lying back on the table. I wrap my hand around hers. We're all quiet as Dr. Hodges pulls her t-shirt up and pulls her pants down slightly exposing her bump. He shakes his bottle and squeezes the goo all over her belly again. She still jumps as it touches her skin. "Sorry....", Doc Hodges mumbles. Then the scanner comes out again, he pushes it down in the middle of all the goo and starts moving it all around. We hear something almost right away. It's like a ba-boom, ba-boom sound but it's going really fast.

"What's that?", Liv asks.

"It's your baby's heart beat...", Doc Hodges says. Then he turns the little TV screen towards us and everyone gathers around. "There's your baby...", he says, pointing to the screen. He points out the head, arms and legs. I look at the screen speechless, then at Liv, who now has tears falling from her eyes. "Do you want to know the baby's sex?", Doc Hodges asks.

Liv looks at me and I shrug my shoulders, "Your call...", I say.

"Yes!", she says.

He moves the scanner a bit more until he finally says "It's a ...girl..."

Tears flood my face now. "I'm going to have a little girl, daddy's little princess...", I say. The feelings are overwhelming and I just can't contain them anymore. I cry as I kiss Liv and hug her. "Thank you", is all I can think to say to her.

Mia's POV

Oh my god, my little niece. I can only make out her outline, but I can tell already she's going to be beautiful. Everyone's crying, hugging and happy. "Forget what I said earlier. I'm ready when you are. Let's get married", I whisper to Zayn.

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