A New Beginning.

Alejandra Martinez is a Mexican-American that lives in a little town in Four Oaks, she used to be fat but over the summer she lost a lot of weight. What happens when she goes back to school with a whole new look? Will her friends still like her? Will she get revenge on her bullies? Will she fall for one of her bullies? Or will she find a new love?
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8. Chapter 7

Alejandra's POV:
Damn did I just really do that?  Well the asshole deserves it for thinking he can get any girl he wants. I walked back to the bench where Giselle left us.
Giselle: "What the fuck! Where were y'all?!"
I shrugged.
Me: "Douche wanted to go to the courtyard. "
Giselle: "Luis? " she furrowed her eyebrows. I rolled my eyes.
Me: "Yeah. "
Giselle: "Why'd you call him a douche."
Me: "Cause that's what he is." I scoffed.
Luis: "Ouch babe that hurt. " I turned around to face the little devil. He had his hand over his chest pretending to be hurt.
Me: "Ew stop calling me 'babe' it's disgusting."
Luis: "Sure babe. " he winked.
I scoffed and rolled my eyes.
Giselle: "What's up with you guys."
Luis: "Alejandra here is being in denial, she won't admit that she wants me. " he shrugged.
Me: "You're so full of yourself. "
Luis: "What can I say I'm sexy and I know it. "
Giselle: "I agree." she said raising her hand.
Luis smirked. "Thanks babe." he said hugging her. What the fuck? I made a gagging sound causing him to chuckle.
Luis: "Why are you lying to yourself Alejandra? Quit acting like you don't think I'm sexy."
Me: "I'm not acting honey."
Luis: "Please..." he scoffed.
Me: "Just cause you think that about ME, doesn't mean I think that about YOU. "
Luis: "Whatever helps you sleep at night babe." he winked.
Me: "Oh my gosh!  You're so fucking annoying, I can't!" he chuckled, I walked away. I walked over to the bench where Yovani was.
Me: "Hey. "
Yovani: "Hey.? I thought you didn't wanna be over here?" he said referring to Gabbie and Maria. I looked over at them.
Me: "Eh...  I don't give a fuck right now." I said sitting down next to him.
Yovani: "Are you okay?"
Me: "Yeah... It's just that prick annoys the shit out of me."
Yovani: "Who?" he said chuckling.
Me: "That Luis guy, he's a conceited bastard."
He laughed at my words.
Yovani: "What'd he do?"
Me: "Lord... Where do I begin?"
He chuckled.
I told him what happened at the benches.
Yovani: "Damn he does sound like me," he winked. "Well the old me. " he smiled. His smile is so contagious that I couldn't help but smile too.
Me: "He's a douche though." I said rolling my eyes.
Yovani: "Well do you like him? "
I gave him a 'what the fuck' look and he shrugged. I sighed.
Me: "I mean he's hot but I don't like him."
He nodded. The bell rang for fourth block.
Me: "I'll see ya tomorrow?"
Yovani: "Yeah, see ya tomorrow. " he said hugging me.
As I was walking away I could Maria and Gabbie bitching at Yovani saying 'What the fuck Yovani why are you hanging out with her again? ' and Yovani told them to shut the fuck up that they don't tell him what to do and he sounded irritated. I just rolled my eyes and walked over to the bench to where Luis and Giselle were. Luckily they weren't there so I grabbed my stuff and walked to my 4th block which was Chorus with Mrs. Jones. Thank god it's the last class for the day. As I walk in the whole class is seated and I search around looking for someone I know. I see nobody that I know until I see that little bastard. There he is sitting down looking down at his phone he looks up and when he sees me he smirks like a little bitch. FUCK MY LIFE!

Luis' POV:
Giselle and I were talking and laughing about random shit when Alejandra's bitch ass left, Giselle's fucking hilarious. She's really funny and hot but like I said before I see her more as a little sister. When the bell rang for our last class Giselle walked me to show me where my class was. I entered to be greeted by the teacher. She introduced herself and told me to take a seat. I think her name was Mrs. Johnson or some shit like that. Everyone filled up the seats and I took out my phone since I didn't know anyone here.  I was on my phone and when I looked up I saw Alejandra looking at me I instantly sat up and smirked at her. There was only one empty seat which happened to be beside me, ha.
Teacher: "Hi I'm Mrs. Jones you can take a seat beside Luis over there. "
Oh so that's her name. Alejandra smiled at her and rolled her eyes at me. She walked over to me.
Me: "You just couldn't stay away from me babe could you? " I whispered.
Alejandra: "No you're just so irresistible." she answered sarcastically before sitting down.
Me: "Aw thanks baby. "
She was wearing a skirt and I put my hand on her exposed leg making her freeze and blush. Her skin touching mine gave me such an adrenaline rush. My whole arm tingled as soon as our skin made contact.
Me: "It means a lot baby." I winked rubbing my hand up and down her thigh making her breathing uneven. She had a smoking body let me tell you that. She wasn't too skinny or to fat. Her thighs were thick which went perfect with her body since she's got a nice big ass. Her boobs are like a perfect size not too big or too small for her body. Oh I wanted her badly but I'm gonna make her cave in first cause I know she wants me just as bad as I want her. She grabbed my hand causing a shock of electricity between us. She pushed my hand away and I chuckled.
Alexandra: "Keep your filthy hands away from me, I don't know where the fuck they've been."
I slightly laughed.
Me: "Don't flatter yourself baby I just needed a place to put my hand and your legs were wide open." I shrugged.
She blushed and I winked and smirked.
She rolled her eyes.
Me: "Don't fucking roll your eyes at me." I snapped.
She leaned closer to me making our noes touch and rolled her eyes in my face. I clenched my jaw tight, this bitch is fucking with me. I quickly snapped my head the other way with my jaw still clenched. She laughed and I clenched my fists. She grabbed my fist and for some reason I relaxed them and my jaw. She put her mouth to my ear.
Alejandra: "Sorry 'babe' couldn't help myself."
I clenched my jaw again.
Me: "Bitch. " I said through gritted teeth.
She let go of my fist and shot her head back.
Alejandra: "What'd you call me?"
Me: "You heard me, I don't repeat myself twice." I looked at her and she looked the other way, she was fuming. Maybe if she didn't act like one I wouldn't have called her that. She didn't talk for the rest of class. We had 15 minutes left and Mrs. Jones said we could do whatever we wanted. Alejandra sat down on this little black stage. She pulled her phone out I kinda felt bad maybe I shouldn't have called her that. I sighed and walked over to her.
Me: "Hey.. "
She didn't answer and kept looking at her phone.
Me: "You're not going to talk to me?"
She kept looking at her phone and I was getting frustrated. I walked closer to her still she didn't look up from her phone. I quickly parted her legs and put myself in between them and grabbed her thighs and pulled her closer to me. She finally looked up and stared at me in the eyes. I stared back and my hands were still on her thighs.
Me: "Look I'm sorry for calling you a bitch but it really gets on my nerves when someone rolls there eyes at me. You've been doing that all day and I just snapped. "
She stared at me before saying. "You're an asshole and I don't give a fuck."
I was taken back a bit.
Me: "You're fucking hilarious you know that."
Alejandra: "Really and why's that. " she said with amusement filling her voice.
I licked my lips.
Me: "You don't give a fuck huh? You say I'm an asshole even though I took some of my precious time to come over to you and apologize." I let go of her thighs dropping my hands to my side. I leaned down to her ear before whispering. "Which I shouldn't of cause you're just proving my statement from before right. " I said seductively before kissing her cheek. She instantly blushed.
Alejandra: "Like I said your an asshole."
Me: "You don't know me." I clenched my jaw.
Alejandra: "I know enough to say that you're a self centered bastard that doesn't care bout anyone but himself."
Me: "Like I said you don't know me unless your a family member, a friend or my girlfriend you don't know me. "
Alejandra: "Girlfriend? Never that. "
I rolled my eyes.
Me: "You wouldn't be able to handle me baby trust me. "
She bit her lip and let me just say it was sexy as fuck.
Alejandra: "And what makes you think that?"
I smirked and leaned down so my lips were brushing against her earlobe.
Me: "Cause my dick would be too much for you to handle. " I said seductively.
I kissed her underneath her ear making her moan a little. I smirked and pulled away from her.
Alejandra: "You know a lot of guys say that their dicks are big when in reality they're as small as a toothpick." she scoffed.
I leaned back down to her ear.
Me: "Are you questioning me so I'll show you? " I asked seductively.
She shook her head.
Me: "Good cause trust me babe you ain't ready for this." I said kissing her neck.
The bell rang to dismiss us from school I pulled away from Alejandra, grabbed my book bag and walked out. I got her wrapped around my finger now.

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