Meet me in the moonlight|| Larry Stylinson

Louis Tomlinson is a blue. A poor boy in a country run by reds. On his 18th birthday he is given a job teaching at a school for educating just reds. There he meets 16 year old Harry Styles, son of the most powerful man in the country. Blues and reds aren't meant to mix, but Harry and Louis will do anything for their love

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1. Chapter 1


I groaned as the sun shone on my face, waking me up from my blissful sleep. I stared at the bare window. We needed curtains. There was no doubt about it. But then again, there was no way we would be able to afford curtains. Not on my parents wage. My father was a blacksmith. He worked on minimum wage providing for the blues. The wealthy snobs with too much money. My mother was a maid and Nanny. She cared for the styles family. They were the worst. the wealthiest, most powerful family in England. My mother has been working for them for almost 16 years now, she started just after their son Harry was born. She cleans there and looks after the 2 children. Harry and his elder sister Gemma. She spends more time with them then she does our family. She can't help it though, if she doesn't work she can't provide for us. There's 7 of us now. I'm the oldest child. Then its charlotte, Felicite, daisy and pheobe are twins and then so are Doris and Ernest. We are a big family but its nice, we stick together.

"Louis, come down now" I heard my mother call and i did just a that. We never had much time with my mother in the mornings before she went to work so any chance of spending time with her we took. I entered the kitchen to find a table full of smiling faces.

"Happy birthday Louis" They all shouted. I smiled and sat down next to them. My mother placed a plate in front of me with pancakes on.

"But mum, this must have cost you a fortune" I protested but she smiled

"Its not everyday my baby turns 18 is it?" She replied. I saw all my sisters staring at my plate. I cut the pancakes into 9 pieces and handed them to everyone. They all tried to protest but I wouldn't take no for an answer. I even gave Doris and Ernest a bit. This would be their first time ever having pancakes. Probably their last for a while as well. Pancakes were a luxury and not many of us blues could afford something like that.

"Now Louis. I'm off to work now but I assume you will be able to make your way down to the job centre by yourself" My mother said when we had all finished the pancakes. One of the rules for us blues is that on our 18th birthday we have to get a job, if not we could face prison.

"Yes mum, I'll drop the girls off at school and I'll bring Doris and Ernest with me if you like." I offered but she shook her head.

"Its fine Louis. Mrs Styles is more than happy for them to come with me to work. You just take the girls to school and then get yourself a job" she said before giving me a kiss on the forehead.

"I love you mum" I called out the door behind her

"Love you too boo" Boobear was my mums nickname for me since I was young. It was generally shortened to boo though.

"Come on then girlies, let's get you to school" I said and the girls got up, they grabbed their bags and followed me out. I knew there would be no reds on their way to school. It was Christmas eve. For reds this meant a day off school, for blues it was just a normal day. Tomorrow we would get a day off, it was one of the only times in a year that we would. We dropped Daisy and Pheobe off at the infant school first

"I'll see you later yeah." I said to them and they noddedbefore each giving me a kiss and running off to see their friends. We carried on the the secondary school. Fizzy gave me a quick kiss before going off but Lottie stayed for a while.

"Good luck today Lou" she said

"Thanks lot, now go. Enjoy your day" I quickly kissed her forehead before shoving her towards her friends. She looked back at me and smiled.


It was 9 by the time I got to the job centre. I signed myself in and then entered the hall where I would be given a job. I wouldn't have a choice in it, it would be given it. If I didn't like it, well that would be too bad. I took my seat along with anyone else who was 18 today or had a decent reason to be unemployed. Half a dozen or so had gone in when I heard my name get called

"Mr Tomlinson" I slowly got up and went into the little room where my fate would be decided. I saw them staring at a piece or paper, my exam results.

"Hello there Mr Tomlinson" one man said

"Hello" I replied.

"Your exam results are very promising" another said

"Thank you"

"We have the perfect job for you" the final man said. I recognised him. Mr styles, my mothers employer

"Mr Tomlinson, this job is one that has never been offered to a blue before so you must try your best." One of them said

"Okay?" I said, getting slightly worried.

"Mr Tomlinson, you are going to become a teacher at the Ridgeway high school for boys" Mr styles said. My heart skipped a bit. Ridgeway was the poshest school in England and was for educating reds only.

"Oh my god" was all I could say

"We understand that this is a big job for an 18 year old but we believe you are ready. Your pay will be £70 a week and any resources will be provided." £70 a week. That was more than my mothers entire wages a month.

"Thank you so much" I said and I could have swore I saw a smile appear on their faces.

"You're welcome Mr Tomlinson. You will begin work on the 2nd January" one said. I was about to leave the room when Mr Styles spoke

"Oh and Mr Tomlinson. My son Harold goes there. if by any means he ends up in detention with you, don't be too kind. The boys a nuisance and I'm leaving it up to you to sort him out." He said with a smiled

"I will sir, I promise" I said before leaving 

the room






"Jay" I called. I was soon met by the face of our maid.

"Yes Mister Styles" she replied.

"Jay, how many times have I told you to call me Harry" I said

"Sorry Mister Sty- I mean Harry" she replied. I could tell that her mind was somewhere else "What's up?" I asked her.

"Nothing really. Its just my son. He's 18 today and I'm just hoping he's getting on alright at the job centre" she said

"Tell you what Jay. Go home and see him. Take the rest of the day off. I'll deal with my mother" I suggested

"Oh I couldn't possibly" she began but I cut her off.

"I insist. No I don't. I'm ordering you to go home" she stood there for a moment before smiling a little. She had to follow any orders I gave her. Otherwise she could be fired.

"Thank you so much Mister Styles." She said before heading out the room

"Its Harry, oh and Jay. Give this to your son as a birthday present from me." I said handing her my watch.

"Mister, I mean Harry, no I couldn't. That's your watch." She protested trying to hand it back to me.

"Jay, take it and go!" I said. She flashed me a small smile before leaving.


"Jay" I heard my mother call up the stairs.

"She's gone home mum" I called back. I heard footsteps hurry towards my room.

"What do you mean she's gone home. I'll have her fired for this" she said angrily

"Don't fire her mum, I told her to go home" I said and she glared at me


"Its her son's 18th birthday today and she's worried about him. I promise mum, its a one time thing. You can't fire her mum, she's been so amazing to us for so many years now" I said and my mother sighed

"Just this once Harold, she goes home again and I won't hesitate before firing her"

"Its Harry and yes mum"

"I named you Harold so therefore you are Harold. I don't care what stupid nickname your friends are calling you" she said and I silently sighed

"Yes mum, sorry mum" I said and she left the room

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