DragonSkull Legacy

What if one day you were taken into a game, and in that game, you could die? And you never could go back to society? Well this is what happened to millions of people when they got dragged into the game, DragonSkull Legacy.

Read on as various people meet up to survive INSIDE A GAME. How long will it take for them to escape? Well you'll have to find out...




Amy walked down the long passage of the dungeon, wondering what had happened, not scared, just curious. A few minutes down the passage, she noticed someone in the darkness ahead of her. Even though there were no information tabs anymore, somehow she still sensed the information that would have been there and this did scare her. The avatar in front of her was called TheBlackKnight and at level 81, he was only 4 levels away from the highest level in the game.

"A level 50, this should be an easy kill," he snarled, stepping towards her. Amy quickly drew her bow and fired arrow after arrow at his chest, but they just seemed to bounce off his chest as he ran towards her. As he reached her, he swung his sword at her, slicing through her armor as if it were paper. Amy cried out as the sword bit through her skin and fell to the floor, waiting for the killing blow.

But it didn't come. She looked up at him and he just said: "Do I know you? Wait, you're, um, Amy, aren't you?"

"Yeah" she replied cautiously. "How did you know that?" The knight took off his helmet and then she recognized him, it was Leon, from her geography class.

"Oh god, how bad did I hurt you? Drink this, it'll do you good," said Leon, handing her some sort of health potion she had only ever seen in shops, never having enough money to buy it. After drinking the potion, she felt much better and they sat down against a wall.

"I can't believe, you, of all people, play this game," said Leon.

"Yeah well, I'd probably say the same thing about you. Hey, a few minutes before you attacked me, did something weird happen to you?" asked Amy.

"You could say that again! I was in my room, playing, a bright light flashed and I appeared in this dungeon as my avatar, but I kept on playing, cos', you know I didn't really think anything could happen to me, with my level and all," stated Leon "Maybe we should go explore outside the dungeon, see what else has happened, come on, follow me, I know a secret passage out of this place," and with that, he stood up and started to walk away, with Amy soon following.

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