DragonSkull Legacy

What if one day you were taken into a game, and in that game, you could die? And you never could go back to society? Well this is what happened to millions of people when they got dragged into the game, DragonSkull Legacy.

Read on as various people meet up to survive INSIDE A GAME. How long will it take for them to escape? Well you'll have to find out...


1. Part 1: NOOBS

Part 1: NOOBS

Amy sat in front of her computer and was playing the best online game of all time, in her opinion: DragonSkull Online. She led her ranger through a forest and suddenly reached a clearing with a wooden castle in the middle. She took a deep breath before entering the home of the Elf King,  the leader of the Elves), who had one of the best bows in the game. She hid and hunted the elves in dark corners, then sneaked into the throne room. The King was there.



Amy started to attack viciously, shooting five arrows with each shot. She got a lot of damage while dealing more than she got. She often got to cover and drank health potions. Then she used a special arrow spell, and heard the Elf King shout:


She looked at all the loot. She first got the bow and arrows, then the gold that was dropped. She looked at the XP bar fill up 3 times with the vast amount of XP. She saw her character level up from 47 to 50, with the message that read "AmyAKAkatniss123 slayed the Elf King!" and "AmyAKAkatniss123 is now level 50! Beware of her!" Then a portal opened. Amy led her character towards it, then there was a flash. It was dazzling. Something felt wrong about it.

She looked around, and thought about happened. She knew where she was, the dungeons of the Elf castle. Something felt wrong again. Then she realized it.

The game wasn't in FPS mode. This wasn't Skyrim. No information tabs. No overlay. And the creepiest of all, she could sense everything. She could feel the chill in the dungeon, hear the drips of the water dripping from the ceiling.

She could have only one explanation. That flash had transported her in the game.

She was now a part of the game.

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