Lauren and her brother, Jack have inherited their grandmothers money, Lauren was closer to her grandma than jack was, and when she starts to see visions of her grandma as a little girl her brother starts to think she's gone crazy, which causes an argument about who's more worthy of the money.


1. The Worst Day EVER

I sat in the classroom waiting for the bell for next lesson to go, art, my favourite lesson. The teacher called my name and I looked up at her,

"You must go to the office, your parents are waiting for you" she said, I looked at her, confused but I packed up my things and walked out the door with the feeling people were watching me, the door was just closing when I heard my teacher shouting, telling people to get back to work. As I walked towards the main hall, my mind filled with questions, why am I being taken out of school early? Am I in trouble? I had no idea but I was about to find out. When I got to the hall my parents were waiting for me with Jack, my older brother,

"Finally", he said and looked at my mum, waiting for her to tell us what we were doing here. I asked Jack weather he'd been told, he shook his head. 

"Your  grandma has died of old age", she said quietly and looked at Jack and watched him breathe in and out heavily, and then she looked at me and saw I was holding back tears. She walked towards me and hugged me for a few minutes, hoping it would make everything better, it didn't. 

Worst day ever.

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