Just friends(16+)


1. chapter 1

Renee's POV

“Renee! Come here.” My boss orders. He's John, I only work in a bar because that's the only job going right now, I hate it so much. I hate John, he gets all close - too close. Flirty as well, slimy. Ew, he's plain weird. But I have to pay for my apartment and food to eat, otherwise I'll be on the streets! I walk towards John. “Unbutton that, and be more flirty with customers.” He orders, unbuttoning my blouse showing a lot of cleavage. “Yes.” I muttered. He puts his hand on my hip and pulls me close to him. He kisses my neck, “smile. Make it look like your happy, I'll sack you if you don't, you know how you got this job and if you want to keep it then...” I cringe, “I will,sorry.” I fake a smile, then turn to the next customer.

Finally, at 2am, my shift is finished. I walk back to my place, and speed up as I reach the ally way. I see some figures at the end and stop walking. Oh god, I hate hearing a group of people at an ally way. I quietly walk slightly further. “Wait, I hear somebody.” I hear a deep voice say, I dodge them as I reach the end. I feel one grab my wrist. “Harry get off her!” Somebody says, I'm freaking out! “Who are you?” The boy asks me. “What does it matter?” I'm on my way home, please let me go. That's what I should have said. I walk away slightly, and am relieved when I'm in light and can actually see the boys. See there not that scary! “Renee?” A boy asks. I blink at him, “it's Zayn!” He smiles. “Zayn, I missed you.” I smile, I was in his school, good friends with him and the others until I dropped out three years ago. I recognise them all now; Louis, Liam, Niall, and Harry. Harry is my least favourite - he always was. “I know you all now, hey.” I grin. “Ah, what are you doing down here?” Louis asks, concerned. “I live round the corner, I've come from work.” I tell them all. “See ya.” Harry says hoping I'd go. “Harry shut up. We'll walk you back, alright?” Liam asks. “Erm,” I glance awkwardly at Harry who's glaring at me. “Come on, I've missed you,” Niall pouts. “Okay then.” I ignore Harry's looks he chucks at me, and talk to Liam as we walk ahead. “What's happened with you then? Danielle still about?” I ask him, remembering everything now. “Er, she's gone. It didn't work. I'm with Sophia now.” He says. Sophia... I know! “smith?” I check, he nods. I liked her, she was nice. “And you Louis, still with el?” I ask him, “yeah, she misses you lots you know.” He replies, I grin even though he's probably only being polite. “Zayn how's Perrie?” I ask him, “great.” He grins. “Single still?” I wink at Niall. “Yeah” he pouts again. I look back at Harry but he's at the far back. “Well; this is me.” I point to the block of apartments. “Well pass us your phone a sec” Zayn asks. I hand it to him, and after two minutes he passes it back. “You have our numbers now.” He smiles. “Err, thanks.” I smile, “hey, we're going to the beach tomorrow if you want?” Louis asks. “What?” Harry growls. “Ignore him, soph and el will be there.” Liam says kindly. “You know what, sure.” I reply. “Good, Harry why don't you take her?” Niall suggests. Harry shoots a glare at Niall. “Fine.” He sighs, “I best go, I can sense Harry's on his meriod today.” I joke, the others laugh - well except for Harry. “Oh ha ha.” He rolls his eyes sarcastically. I shake my head laughing,

“See you tomorrow then.” I say to them all, then open the door and walk up the steps. I unlock my apartment door and turn on the tv.

A/N - comment, like, share, hope you like it, the first chapters always difficult! X

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