Half way to Interesting

When 16 year old Avah is sent across the globe to live with her estranged father in a foreign land she honestly wasn't expecting much, but when she caught the eye of a mystery boy on the train she had no idea her life was about to become, to say the least, very interesting.


1. Prologue

Population: 10,742. Households: 7,360. Males: 5,372. Females: 5,370. Now add one more onto the population and to the number of females that currently reside here. Being forced to move across the globe due to my mothers own selfishness and because my father can't have a normal job in America. 
So here I am, an American with my moderately limited understanding of this language that I'll be using for the next three years. The stares of people have ceased to stop ever since I got off the plane and since I got on the damn train. Was it my dyed blonde hair, my multiple ear piercings?! Or maybe it was because of my "Western" style of clothing, as I heard two old women talking about me. I just rolled my eyes behind my Ray-Ban sunglasses, but what's so Western about sweatpants (which albeit were hung low on my hips), my Cali crop top, and my low top Converse?! As I scanned the train I saw a bunch of kids who seemed my age wearing all different types of school uniforms, I sighed out loud thinking I'll never be able to get used to this.
Just as I was getting ready to place my headphones on a bunch of High School boys caught my attention.. actually I just overheard them talking about me. As they were looking my way I tilted my sunglasses down a bit and just winked there way, the facial expressions they made were a bit priceless. They didn't look like the other kids on the train who sat at the opposite end of them, they looked more rough around the edges, I assume they like to have fun. But there was one who sat in the center who looked bored out of his mind, spiked blonde hair, earrings, and had headphones around his neck, his tie was loose, his white shirt was unbuttoned at the top. When one of the idiots referred to him as "King" my interest was piked.
I mumbled to myself. Just as the announcer was announcing my stop and which side to get off at. "King" looked up towards my direction, first with a very bored expression which then turned into a smile playing on his lips. His green eyes looking at me like he just found something interesting. I'm guessing we were thinking the same thing. Grabbing my bags I stepped off the train and headed to the stairs, as I looked back at the train I saw "King" waving at my direction, and his pool of idiots looking confused as all hell.
"This should be VERY interesting!!" 
Going up the stairs and out of the station a woman was there holding a paper reading my name. 
"Avahlynne Camaro"
I introduced myself to the woman who then greeted me back.
"Welcome to Yoshino, Japan Miss Camaro."


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