Dumbledore's Heir

We think we know it all about Albus Dumbledore. About his achievements, his life and his wisdom. But what about the family that has stayed in hiding for so long?

When Arabella Caspian, a normal witch girl (or so she thinks she is) goes to Hogwarts, she finds out about the great destiny in store for her, and she doesn't understand. What pieces of her past have been hidden from her? Read to find out!


1. I am a witch

I was three when I woke up from my nap one day, and found my whole family holding a letter and weeping their eyes out. I couldn't understand why, so I decided to join in. It had a picture of a beautiful man, with long silver hair and electric blue eyes, kindly waving his arms. I never got to know who this man was, because when I asked my father,Maximilian Caspian, he told me that he was a great man who fought against He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, and was now dead. The only other thing I rememberfrom that day was that a tall man with shaggy hair, who seemed very important, came with a piece of paper, and said hello to my family. My mother, Natalia Caspian, cheerfully said through her tears, "Welcome Minister. We were hoping that you would stop by. Come, sit down." Everyone shuffled around and madesome space for the Minister in our tiny living room. Daddy put on a stern expression and said, "Bella, go to your room. Don't argue." I slowly walked up the stairs and faintly heard only one phrase, my Daddy saying, "What could rich and powerful Rufus Scrimgeour want with a poor family like us?"

Eight years later, even after hours of straining my memory, I came across only this much. Oh I'm sorry, did I introduce myself? My name is Arabella Caspian, and I live inKent, England with my parents and my Gramma, Allegra. She never told me what her real last name was, because she definitely isn't a Caspian, given the fact that she is my mother's mom. I went to Muggle school for a while, because apparently my grandfather, whom I never known, wanted me to have some knowledge of the Muggle world as well. I have gotten quite good at working with Muggle money as well as the usual Galleons, Sickles, and Knuts. I am waiting for my Hogwarts letter andcan't wait to leave Muggle school because I had only onefriend named Alexis Guarder. Everyone tends to avoid me, because I make strange things happen.Butunlike most magic folk, Ienjoy it, because if I get bullied, I get my revenge almost instantly.

I laid in bed, with a nasty smile on my face, thinking about the time I got my revenge on Tatiana Salazar, when my loud telephone rang (again, Muggle exposure)andbroke my train of thought. I groaned and answered it. "Hello?" I said sleepily. "Bella, it's Lexi. I have something to tell you. I can't keep it in any longer."

"I am a witch."

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