Running Away

What will happen when Emily runs away from home? Will her dad find her? Find out by reading!


1. Running Away

Hi my name is Emily! I am tall and I have blondish hair and green eyes. My mom died from cancer a few years ago. I live with my dad now.              "Emily get down here now" my dad screamed. "Im leaving and when I come back it better be spotless in this kitchen." My dad was different ever since mum died. He started to be abusive but sometimes he was nice. But barely did he give me any reward type thing. I have tried to run away but he caught me and the beating got worse. I guess I had been thinking too much and soon I would be in trouble. Dad was back and I was cleaning but not good. "What is this?? Did you even clean?" My father screamed at me. "I-Im sorry" I yelped. "You should be young lady." The he hit me and I fell down to the ground.  I am going to run away tonight I thought to myself. I have to.♥.                                                                                                  

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