What He Wouldn't Do


1. One

I decided to walk a little ways behind Fabian and Nina as they talked about nothing on their way to Anubis. They need their alone time, and I needed some thinking time. I know, right? Me, Amber Millington, thinking! Anyway, ever since the elusive "Awaken the voice" clue stumped Sibuna, I thought that I needed to step up my Fabina game. Nina was just waiting for Fabian to make the right move, but he just wouldn't do it!

Let's catch everyone up to speed: Nina Martin and Fabian Rutter are both secretly madly in love but won't admit it to each other. And me, Amber Millington, was going to get those two together if it was the last thing I do as a matchmaker. Honestly, I don't know how Nina can't see past Fabian's weak attempts at flirting. The closest they ever got to dating was when they pretended to like each other (although how much of it was pretend, I have no idea), and that totally does not count. Their scrapbook is waiting underneath my bed!

"Hey guys, don't leave me behind!" So much for their together time. I didn't want to walk alone into the house! I'm queen bee, remember.

All three of us stomped into Anubis House, greeted by Victor's ever-popular phrase of "Keep it down as you enter the house!" Oh, the things we could enjoy if Victor got fired.

"Wanna snoop around tonight?" Fabian asked as he headed to his room.

"Too tired. We've got that boat-load of Geometry homework, so we'll be up late anyway just trying to finish math!" I complained.

"Maybe next time, Fabian," Nina said as she shook her head at me.

"What? You don't think I look this gorgeous without a little help from beauty sleep, do you?" I replied, already starting to yawn. "Overworking can cause wrinkles you know."

The two of us left Fabian to his thoughts and homework as we trudged up the stairs to the bedroom we shared. When I opened the door, I instantly cheered up. Nothing like a good shock of pink to get you cheered up.

"So, Nina, has Fabian asked you out yet?" I asked casually, delighting in seeing two spots of red appear on my best friend's cheeks.

"He doesn't like me, Amber. If he did, we would be dating right now," Nina replied, sounding a little depressed. Who wouldn't be if the love of their life was too cowardly to ask them out?

"Oh, I know he does. Just wait until the morning he wakes up and thinks to himself, 'Today's the day!'" I giggled softly as we pulled out our Geometry textbooks. Math is such a waste!

Nothing happened as the afternoon unfolded. Evening came, and Nina and I barely scraped our homework together in time for Victor's pin speech.

As I turned out the lights, I thought to myself, "I wish that for just one day, I could be the one who controlled Fabian for a change. He can't get Nina on his own."

When I think back on it, I am so glad that was my last thought before I drifted off to sleep.

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