The Island

One direction is in the middle of their Where We Are 2014 tour. While they are flying to Australia, the plane crashes onto an unknown island. The island is uninhabited, except for one girl named Callie. When paranormal things start happening on the island, no one knows what to do. Join them on their journey on

The island.


1. Chapter 1


It is Bella here.

This is my first story

(No duh)

Hope you like it

*internet hug*

Harry's POV

Me and the lads were chatting on the plane as we were heading to Australia. Louis and Liam were having a rhyming battle while I was on twitter. I laughed at some of the tweets the fans sent me.

I nearly dropped my phone when we heard a large BOOM come from the engine. We felt the plane falling and of course, we all were panicking.

"LIAM WHAT DO WE DO?!" Niall yelled. We all were screaming and of course, we all assumed Liam might be able to help us.

We were wrong.

"WHY ARE YOU ASKING ME NIALL? I DONT KNOW!" Liam shouted. I was running around trying to find something that might help us. I looked out the window and nearly fainted at the sight I saw.

An island.

Getting closer, and closer by the second.

I screamed and went into a little ball. I hugged my knees tightly and closed my eyes, waiting for the impact.

I felt my body fly through the air as our plane hit land. I hit my head on the plane floor and watched everything become fuzzy. The last thing I saw before I blacked out was my band mates doing the exact same thing.

Callie's POV

I sat under a palm tree trying to open a coconut with a self-made machete. I finally cracked it open when I saw a strange object flying through the sky.

'What is that?' I thought. I saw the object become bigger and bigger, and I realized that an airplane was going to crash onto the island!

I grabbed my machete and ran. The island wasn't that big so I knew that I couldn't escape the impact. I looked behind me only to see the plane hit the ground with such a strong force that it knocked me back.

I groaned in pain. My back was killing me! I lifted my head up to see flames circling the plane. I ran to the well I made and quickly fished out some water. I ran back over the the plane only to see the flames getting bigger. I looked closely and saw five boys laying on the ground in the plane. I ran quickly through the flames to retrieve the boys.

I started to drag the curly haired boy out of the plane when I realized that the flames were getting bigger. Luckily, the black haired boy woke up, and ran out of the plane with two other boys. I dragged the curly haired boy out of the crash and saw the black haired boy run back into the plane, only to come out with a blonde lad. I started to pour water on the flames.

The black haired boy looked at me strangely.

"Do you know where we are by any chance?" He asked me, hope evident in his voice.

"No, but I do know how to survive here. Welcome to, the island."

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