suprise sprise. (the remake.)

Hi im kae jade messina yes i know I have a guys name but I am a girl, I lived in australia, I am 18, my mum and dad passed away in a house fire, im now being forced to move in with my cousins liam, thomas and his girlfriend in london, my cousin knows evrything about me, he knows I do drugs and iv never had a boyfriend, he knows I have been bullied all my life he knows iv tried to kill my self, he knows eveything, I guess you could say we are close.
I have long brown curly hair, crystal blue eyes but I wear dark brown contacts now, im pretty short, I have my nose tounge and eyebrow peirced, people sayi have a trainers body? I don’t know? But yeah my old friends would say im very very very loud, im a bitch at times but also very friendly, im out there I have absolutly no shame, I tell it how it is and im very snappy, I love my music and Im inlove with photography, im singing all the time, and dancing,
& I have a big secret.


17. 17.




I woke up to the smell of pancakes. Oh fuck that smells good.

I turned around to see if edward was ther, he wasn’t.

`okay then…`

I jumped up and walked over to the drawer and grabbed my gun, what I need protection?

I slowly walked down the hall way ready to shoot.

`hey what are you doing` edward said behind me, I turned around and pointed the gun at his head.

`WOW, WHAT THE FUCK!` he screamed. I put the gun down feeling relived,

`why have you got a gun?` he asked me, it looked like his eyes where gonna pop out of his head.

`for protection` I said shrugging my sholders.

`don’t worry I wont hurt you` I said and smiled at him.

`okay well I maade pancakes for breakfast, and I was thinking maby we could go out horde riding at my auntys?` he said biting his lip.

`I have to get packed for australia` I said looking at him with sorry eyes.

`wait your going to australia?` he asked me.

`yeah I am, tonight actually` I said smiling at him.

`oh okay` he said feeling a bit down.

` have family over there` he said before going quiet again.

`hey give me your number and ill ring you when I get back and we will do something then?` I smiled at him

His eyes lit up all happily.

He grabbed my phone and typed his number in.

`your phones about to die wanna charge it?` he said looking up at me.

`yeah sure?` I smiled sitting down to my breaky.

`ill bring the cord out` he said while walking down the hall way.

I was sitting there just thinking about how much I miss australia.

`hey I got it` he said walking out with a cord and a big smile on his face showing his beautiful dimples.

`ill put it on charge` he said putting it in the powerpoint right near the lounge I was sitting down at.

All of a sudden he sat down next to me with a mouth full of pancakes.

`you idiot` I said pushing his nose making him giggle a bit.

`lets take photos` he said out of the blue.

`but I look yuckyyy` I said pouting.

`you look beautiful` he said kissing my forhead.

I smiled at the contact his lips made with my skin.

He grabbed his phone and I grabbed mine, we where both taking photos on both phones cause we couldn’t decide whos.

All of a sudden he kissed my cheak and took a photo. I bit my lip smiling like an idiot.

He grabbed my face putting it inces away from his, while we took photos.

All of a sudden he lightly kissed my lips, he took a photo before pulling away looking at me then down at his phone.

`I like this one` he said looking up at me and smiling.

`send it to me?` I said looking at the photo.

`okay` he whisperd looking at me.

We where just staring at eachother.

All of a sudden my phone vibrated twice.

One message was the photo and the other one was liam


Liam; hurry up and get home you need to get ready, and we all want to see you!


I smiled down at my phone.

I texted back a quick okay before going and saving the photo into my phone.


`I have to go, see you soon?` I smiled as I stood up and grabbed my dress and all that.

As I went to walk out the back door edward grabbed my arm pulling me back into him.

`ill be over to get my t-shirt when you get back` he whisperd as we stood there staring at eachother.

`okay` I whisperd.

Soon enough he kissed me, it was a cute kiss.

`bye` I said kissing him once again and walking over to my car smiling like an idiot.


I hopped in , started it up and reversed out looking at edward, he was leaning against the door frame in just baggy trackies.

He waved at me and smiled as I drove off.

Oh wow, what a night.

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